Top 10 Intersting Chichen Itza Facts

Chichen Itza FactsWhen you start reviewing all of the Chichen Itza facts, you will begin to realize exactly why this tourist destination remains so popular after so many years. Not only is it extremely accessible, but it also has so many amazing attractions that it’s a wonder it doesn’t become overrun at times.

Chichen Itza is right in pathway of a number of the Cancun all inclusive hotels, which only adds to the appeal. Even if for some reason, you didn’t initially plan to take a trip there, as soon as you check into your hotel, the buzz of this site begins to circulate and before you know it, you will be intrigued.

You can easily find daily Chichen Itza tours to the ruins without difficulty and have a great day exploring this area. Once you know the facts about Chichen Itza, you are bound to include it in your itinerary.

To assist you, the top 10 interesting Chichen Itza facts are listed below:

1. Although there are many Mayan pyramids all along the Yucatan Peninsula, Chichen Itza boasts the most impressive, called Castillo pyramid. It has a total of 365 stairs, which symbolize solar years and the 52 panels represent one year for each Mayan century and the weeks within a solar year.

2. The Chichen Itza ruins also contain an astronomical Observatory, which is called El Caracol. It is a traditional Mayan sculpture where offerings and sacrifice rituals took place.

3. Another one of the Chichen Itza facts tells of the shadows that form during two specific seasons, spring and fall. During these two seasons, as the sun passes over, a huge snake’s body appears.

4. The older temple, which is located under the Temple of the Warriors, still shines brightly with the original colors, which were created by mixing mashed insects and vegetable juice. This is one of the most impressive Chichen Itza facts.

5. The Chichen Itza facts also show how the ancient Mayans actually played traditional games in a ball park. The park has 2 walls, measuring 27 feet high and the length is 480 feet.

6. Other Chichen Itza facts explain the name. It derives from two Spanish words, Chi and ch’e’en, which mean mouth and well. While Itz means magic and a’ means water. Blended together, the meaning is water magicians.

7. The ruins at Chichen Itza are owned by the Mexican government however, the land that the ruins sit were owned by private families, passed on from generation to generation, until 2010, when the Yucatan state officials took possession of both.

8. Each year, over 1.2 million visitors come to Chichen Itza. During the months between May and October, the area is the most populated.

9. In 1923, the first reconstruction project began in Chichen Itza, it was commissioned by the Mexican government, but the restoration efforts were completed by the Carnegie Institution, an American-based organization.

10. Because Chichen Itza is so vast, restoration efforts are continuous. Even today, there are parts of the central and north group that are under repair and unavailable to visitors.