Top 10 Ireland Castles To Stay In

Ireland Castles To Stay InMedieval Irish castles – what can be better for your romantic journey to Ireland? Only the fact that you can actually stay in one during your visit. How does that sound to you? Yes, you can. Here we compiled a list of popular castles where you can stay while enjoying your vacation on Emerald Isle.

Ballynagowan Castle1. Ballynagowan Castle – One of the oldest Ireland castles to stay in is the Ballynagowan Castle. This majestic castle has recently been renamed to Smithstown Castle. While the name may have changed, it has not diminished any of its charm. Located in County Clare, Ireland, there is plenty for tourists and visitors to see and do. While staying at the castle, guests will be treated to a stay in an authentic castle. While staying in one of the three double bedroom chambers, guests will feel as if they have stepped back in time to the days of Knights. In addition to touring Ballynagowan Castle, visitors may also enjoy one of their beautiful golf clubs, or visit the Cliffs of Moher, as well as Doolin.

Barberstown Castle2. Barberstown Castle – Barberstown Castle has been named one of the best castles to visit and stay in Ireland. The castle was built in the thirteen century and has a beautiful mix of the modern as well as the old design. Each uniquely appointed room is named after one of the previous owners whether it is the castles first owner, Nicholas Barby in 1288 or Eric Clapton in 1979. Barberstown Castle is the only four star castle. The owners claim this castle as, “a unique place to stay”. They are exceptionally proud of its luxuriously decorated rooms and the beautiful Irish views. While staying in Barberstown Castle, guests will want to be sure to participate in tours of Dublin, Hill of Tara as well as the Rock of Cashel.

Kinnitty Castle3. Kinnitty Castle – This is a top choice for visitors who want to stay in one of the Ireland castles. It is one of the most elegant and luxurious castles to stay in. Located on ancient druidic ceremonial grounds, this is a unique place to enjoy your vacation or honeymoon in Ireland. The area around Kinnitty Castle is considered to be the solar plexus chakra of Ireland. In addition to vacationing in this beautiful castle, you can plan your wedding to take place in the castle or just renew your vows if you are already married. There are many wedding packages to choose from in order to make the big day to be special. You can choose to even make your wedding as a traditional Celtic wedding.

Ballyportry Castle4. Ballyportry Castle – If you are looking for a place that is quiet, and private you may want to consider staying at Ballyportry Castle, the 15th century Gaelic Tower House. This castle still retains the fortress look and feel visitors enjoy and expect, and it is a good choice of lodgings. Ballyportry Castle is located in County Claire, Ireland and is just beside the Burren and within forty minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. Ballyportry Castle is rented out exclusively, not by the room and comfortably sleeps four to eight guests. When you rent Ballyportry Castle, whether it’s for one or two nights or an entire week, you will be furnished with everything you need from dishes and crockery to bed linens and blankets. In addition to the magnificent views surrounding this castle, guests can enjoy wonderful tours of the nearby towns and cities.

Kilkea Castle5. Kilkea Castle – Kilkea Castle has the distinction of being inhabited the longest continuously, out of all the castles in Ireland. This historic castle is located in the Kildare countryside and is not too far from Dublin. Kilkea Castle is one of the oldest castle hotels in Ireland. While staying in this traditional Irish castle, guests will be staying in one of the luxurious and uniquely decorated rooms. There is also a beautiful formal dining room for guests to enjoy traditional Irish meals. The rest of the castle is decorated with suits of armor, shields and family crests. While staying at Kilkea Castle, guests may also enjoy playing tennis, horseback riding, golf and fishing.

Ballynahinch Castle6. Ballynahinch Castle – There are many beautiful Ireland castles to stay in while vacationing in this beautiful country. One of the largest estates to stay in is Ballynahinch Castle set against the mountains of Connemara. While staying in Ballynahinch Castle, guests will stay in one of their forty beautifully decorated rooms. Whether guests stay in a standard room or a luxurious suite, they will not be disappointed. Many of these rooms have magnificent views of the river, woodland or the mountains. There are also many activities for visitors to participate in. Some of these include, walking, hiking, golf, scuba diving as well as sailing.

Belleek Castle7. Belleek Castle – Belleek Castle has been rated one of the top ten Ireland castles to stay in for a number of reasons. This beautiful castle is situated on one thousand acres on the banks of River Moy in the County of Mayo, Ireland and is best known as the ancestral home of the Earl of Arran. Guests will enjoy this informal and cozy castle that is almost like taking a step back into medieval times. Whether visitors are planning their wedding at Belleek Castle or staying for your honeymoon, they will love this traditional Irish atmosphere. Guests may also enjoy the bar, banquet hall or their restaurant.

Markree Castle8. Markree Castle – This beautiful castle’s has been in the Cooper family for over three hundred years and is one of the finest country house hotels in all of Ireland. Markree Castle is situated on five hundred acres in Country Slingo and the surrounding landscape is the ideal setting for a romantic interlude. Guests can enjoy Markree Castle’s old world charm while taking a step back in time. With magnificent views, visitors can see exactly what inspired poet, WB Yeats. This hotel also offers many activities for its guests. Some of these activities include horseback riding, golf, archery as well as clay pigeon shooting.

Ashford Castle9. Ashford Castle – A stay at Ashford Castle can be included in Ireland vacation packages, and this castle has much to offer. While you’re on vacation or on your honeymoon, Ashford Castle is the perfect place to visit. This beautiful castle was built around 1228 and belonged to the Guinness family for a time. A history that spans approximately seven hundred years, all of it fascinating, make this also a great place to stay. The staff at Ashford Castle prides themselves on treating each guest like royalty. Visitors will be treated to beautiful views of woodland or water. There are also many activities to participate in while visiting Ashford Castle. Some of these activities include walking and mountain climbing trails, golf as well as lake cruising.

Castle Leslie10. Castle Leslie – While researching Ireland castles to stay in, visitors will not want to miss Castle Leslie. Castle Leslie is situated on a 1000 acre estate and offers a respite from the real world with its old world charm. While staying in Castle Leslie, guests will be treated to beautifully decorated rooms as well as a private cinema and a snooker or billiard table if they choose. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the Victorian spa with Victorian steam boxes, a relaxation area as well as hot tubs. Castle Leslie offers an exquisite outdoor environment that is enchanting. A large wooded area combined with three lakes make this castle a natural paradise to visit. There are also many activities for guests to participate in such as horseback riding, fishing and walking on the magnificent grounds.