Top 10 Irish Castles to Visit

Irish Castles1. Donegal Castle – One of the most popular of all the Ireland castles is Donegal Castle. Dating back to the fifteenth century, this castle is a big tourist attraction for anyone who wants to see an actual castle. Some restorations and renovations have been done so that the structure is both safe and in good condition, and reflects what the castle was like in the past.

2. Dromoland Castle – Situated in County Clare, one of the castles that has been fully restored is Dromoland Castle. It is now a hotel which caters to visitors who want to experience a true historic castle when they come to this country. There is also a golf course owned by the hotel for guests who want to play a few holes on vacation as well.

3. Blarney Castle – One of the most well known Ireland castles is Blarney Castle, and even though the structure is in ruins in some spots this castle is still a world famous attraction. At the top spot of the castle is the renown Blarney Stone, and you can choose to hang upside down and kiss it like numerous other tourists if you choose.

4. Ross Castle – Located inside the Killarney National Park borders, Ross Castle was built in the fourteen hundreds and has served a number of purposes through the centuries. A visit to this castle can include a boat trip and a hike along the famous Kerry Way, and the natural landscape that surrounds the structure is a terrific way to explore nature for visitors and locals alike.

5. Ballinacarriga Castle – Ballinacarriga Castle is one of the Ireland castles that is very large and imposing, and that towers over the other buildings in the countryside. The castle itself stands four stories tall, and there is a tower that reaches six stories in height which is included with the main building. This attraction is very friendly o global visitors, and some renovations and restorations have been made.

6. The Rock of Cashel – This castle is also called the Cashel of the Kings, and it can be found in County Tipperary. Many of the structures included were constructed during the twelfth century and are still in incredibly good condition given their age. There are a number of areas in the castle which attract visitors, including the round tower that stands ninety feet tall and the Cathedral, among others.

7. Kilkenny Castle – Ireland castles which are popular include Kilkenny Castle, which has been restored to reflect what living centuries ago was like. The grounds are exquisitely tended and planted, and the walls of the castle often include some of the work from the Ireland National Art Gallery for visitors to view.

8. Malahide Castle – Situated just a little ways north of Dublin, Malahide Castle is a popular visitor attraction for those interested in historic castles. For close to eight centuries this structure was the home of various members of the Talbot family, and complete restorations have been done. There are also elegant gardens and landscaping, plus other local attractions as well.

9. King John’s Castle – One of the top Ireland castles to visit is King John’s Castle. Set by the River Shannon, the castle is open to tourists and visitors all year long, and in all seasons. Most of the castle areas are available to the public, and the interesting history of the castle makes it a top attraction.

10. Luttrellstown Castle – Another castle which has been fully restored and will allow you to see how people lived centuries ago in Ireland is Luttrellstown Castle. This attraction is located close to Dublin, and some areas of the castle have been turned into a five star resort with a list of notable guests, which includes Queen Victoria. A golf course and country club are also part of the castle complex.