Top 10 Istanbul Tours By Land and Sea!

Istanbul ToursIstanbul is an all encompassing destination with a strategic geographical location split into two portions by the Bosphorus Strait connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. The city successfully combines European forward thinking mentality with mystery and allure of a Muslim culture. On the streets of Istanbul you will see traditionally clad Muslim women walking side by side with their less conservatively dressed friends. Anything goes in Istanbul except, of course, if you head to a mosque or a government establishment.

Istanbul also holds a wealthy of landmarks and tourist attractions ranging from mosques, palaces, museums and great restaurants and night clubs.
Many travel buffs agree that booking many Istanbul tours is the best way to explore areas in and around the city of Istanbul. There are hundreds of Istanbul tours by land and sea and you can easily get lost while deciding what to try. Before you get discouraged, you can easily break down these choices into 3 main areas, New Town Beyoglu, Old City Sultanahmet and the Bosphorus coast. Each section of the city provides unique Istanbul tourist attractions to explore.

1. Istanbul Old City Tour – The ultimate among Istanbul tours highlighting the iconic landmarks of the city enabling you to learn Hagia Sophia history, see majestic Blue Mosque Istanbul and Topkapi Palace ending your experience at the Grand Bazaar, the epicenter of the commerce in Istanbul.

2. Grand Bazaar Walking Tours – Like in any Muslim country, Bazaar is not just a market place, it’s a place to see old friends, discuss life over a cup of aromatic coffee, ponder on the prices of olives, lamb and spices. One of the remarkable highlights of the city, Grand Bazaar is the place to experience the unstoppable beat of the city. Come here on a walking tour any day except Friday and the weekend due to crowds and closings. At first you might think you can easily get lost in the craziness of the human mayhem, but you will quickly realize that it has a logical structure you will be able to follow.

3. Istanbul Hop On/ Off City Tour – Departing by Sultanahment Center every hour air conditioned Double Decker buses will take you to important landmarks like Taksim Square, Dolmabahce Palace and many others. One of the laid back and explore on your own pace Istanbul tours.

4. Istanbul Shore One Day Excursion – If you unfortunately have only one day to spare but still want to see the main highlights of the city, by all means book this tour that should take approximately 8 hours. This tour is especially suitable for Mediterranean cruise passengers arriving to Istanbul port of call for the day highlighting some of the most essential landmarks like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace.

5. Full Day Istanbul Bosphorus Tour – Travel to major landmarks and destinations aboard a private yacht or ferry of your choice. The following stops are included in this comprehensive tour like the Egyptian Spice Market, Beylerbeyi Palace and Ortakoy fishing Village.

6. Pera and Golden Horn Tour – Take a tour of the Western influenced part of the city including beautiful Suleymaniye Mosque, Byzantine Church of St Savior in Chora and Galata Tower.

7. Bosphorus Day Cruise and Egyptian Bazaar Tour – Setting on a great adventure could not be easier by taking this short cruise taking approximately 3-4 hours. The adventure begins at the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. Allow your senses to become overwhelmed by a wide array of spices, delicacies and Turkish delights at one of the greatest market places in the city. Follow by a short Bosphorus cruise to see the historical Asian and European shores of the city.

8. Bosphorus Night Dinner Cruise – Absolutely a must try activity for any first time visitor to this spectacular city. Offered by Bosphorus Tours, it’s your opportunity to see majestic views of the Old City at night accompanied by delectable food and live entertainment.

9. Princess Islands Tour – Collection of four islands on the coast of the Sea of Marmara could be explored by boarding a ferry. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the islands so you can rely on horse drawn carriages or your own feet. The Princess Islands day trips from Istanbul are a great place to relax, swim in the sea, eat delicious Mediterranean cuisine, see Greek Monasteries and reconnect.

10. Gallipoli & Troy from Istanbul Tour – This two day tour will take you off the beaten path of Istanbul tours to the city of Troy with legendary 5000 year history and the following day to Gallipoli National Park and Battlefields.