Top 10 Kenya Safari Tours

Kenya Safari ToursKenya safari tours are some of the most exhilarating and fun-filled of any other in the world. The number of unique animals and plant-life that exists in Kenya makes spending time up close a very personal experience.

This is why Kenya safari packages are so popular and while they can be somewhat expensive, perfect planning and saving in advance will help you find something comparable and within your budget.

Kenya safari tours generally last anywhere from three to 11 days, depending on the season and number of sights included. While on safari, you will have adequate sleeping quarters, food and other amenities.

One of the most famous safari tours takes place in Kenya and involves the wildebeest migration. This tour is so popular that you need to reserve your spot at least six months to one year in advance.

The top Kenya safari tours are listed below:

1. Masai Mara National Reserve – The top safari pick because of the diverse number of animals, birds and other exotic wildlife. They have over 10 different lion prides that you can hear during your travels.

2. Amboseli National Park – Home of one of the most famous Kenyan safaris because of the herds of elephants. The backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, located in Tanzania, with snow covered peaks only adds to the spectacular sunsets.

3. Mount Kenya Safari Club – Local excursions include their famous walking safari where you spend three hours exploring the nature and beauty of Kenya.

4. Lake Nakuru National Park – If you want to spot birds, this safari will appeal to you. This area of Kenya is home to the famous pink flamingo where you can at times spot over one million birds at one time.

5. Nairobi National Park – The safari tours focus on spotting lions during the early morning and evening hours.

6. Meru National Park – Spending time on safari in Meru means you will get wet, this park is home to 15 rivers rising from Mount Kenya. They also specialize in cheetah and leopard spotting.

7. Abadare National Park – You are likely to see elephants, leopards and hyenas sharing the same waterhole during your safari in the Abadare National Park and monkeys and birds dominate the trees.

8. Tsavo East National Park – Safaris include time at the Tiva and Galana river, Lugard falls and natural carved rock formations. Large mammals, like elephants, hippos and rhinos can also be spotted nearby.

9. Tsavo West National Park – Your tour is complete with a trip to the famous Mzima springs, and the Shaitani Lava Flow that has caves and lava splashes. The species of big cast includes lions and leopards.

10. Lake Naivasha – These safaris tours are available in five, six or eight day excursions. You will see exotic birds, monkeys all wild beasts of all types during your journey.

Like most African safari vacations, you will need to dress accordingly. It is recommended that you wear long pants and sturdy walking shoes because you will be hiking for a portion of the tour.

Kenya safari tours are something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The beauty of the land is enhanced by the rich culture and pure love the people share with all visitors. You won’t feel like a guest, you will feel like family.

If your trip to Kenya leads you to the Masia Mara National Park, you will need to find adequate lodging and accommodations. Please check out other articles we have on the website on Masai Mara National Reserve Lodging options.