Top 10 Key West Snorkeling Tours

Key West SnorkelingIf you are a snorkeling pro or an aspiring amateur, setting on one of amazing listed below Key West snorkeling tours will provide all levels of snorkeling enthusiasts with perfect opportunities to explore wonderful Key West beaches and snorkeling hot spots. Warm and quiet waters of the Florida Keys are an ideal environment for world’s third largest coral reef ecosystem that is definitely a must to explore. In addition, Key West snorkeling is inexpensive and requires some of the most basic equipment, namely, a mask, a snorkeling tube, a snorkel vest and fins. If you do not own any snorkeling equipment, do not worry since it is provided by the majority of snorkeling charter boats free of charge.

1. Key West Snorkeling Morning trip aboard of Fury Catamaran will take you on a joy ride of a lifetime and help you explore living coral reef ecosystem. Plenty of refreshments are available aboard of Fury Snorkeling tour and fresh water showers are a huge added bonus. Have experienced catamaran crew help adjust your snorkeling equipment so you can fully enjoy this experience.

2. Rum & Reggae Snorkeling Combo Package is sure to please you. Enjoy your snorkeling followed by a sunset set toast of Rum Punch to celebrate a perfect end of a snorkeling tour.

3. Reef & Ritas Snorkeling tour starts aboard a state of the art catamaran equipped with all the necessary gadgets to make your Key West snorkeling experience unforgettable. Freshly prepared Margaritas are a perfect way to end just another fun filled day.

4. Islescapes Private Snorkeling trips are for those who prefer activities that are off the beaten path and in smaller more intimate groups. You can choose which Key West location to include for your snorkeling experience. Professional guides are there to give you a snorkeling lesson on how to do snorkeling the right way.

5. Danger Snorkeling tours are some of the most popular and fun water based things to do in the Key West. Danger shallow water vessels will take you to some of the unchartered coral reef areas and serve you a picnic style lunch that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Choose from an assortment of fine cheeses, deli meats and truly delicious artisan breads.

6. Snuba of Key West tour offers one of a kind snorkeling experience that goes beyond your regular charter and dive stuff. Snuba of Key West takes snorkeling up a couple of notches by utilizing lightweight equipment that will enable you to comfortably breathe underwater without the need of scuba diving certificates. Kids as young as 8 can enjoy this snuba diving adventure.

7. Safari Snorkel Tours enable you to drive a speed boat by yourself while following a professional snorkeling guide to show you some of the most desirable snorkeling locations. Each speed boat seats two and is really popular among couples on romantic getaways.

8. How about trying out a Snorkeling and Fishing combo package offered by Delphine Charters. Start out your day by snorkeling in warm and inviting Key West waters and drop an anchor to experience some of the most wonderful fishing adventures of your lifetime.

9. Snorkel Reef & Sunset Champagne Combo is sure to delight you while you and your loved ones spend a day snorkeling and then relax with a glass of bubbly while enjoying incredible Key West sunsets.

10. Blue Ice Sailing Charters allow you to design your own perfect snorkeling day by adding on any other exciting activities that you and your party would love to try whether it’s dolphin watching, fishing or simply sailing through amazing waters of Key West.