Top 10 London Museums Not To Miss

London MuseumsThe best thing about London Museums besides their great pieces of art is the fact that the major ones have free admission to the public.

Here’s a list of the museums you can’t miss when you visit.

1. British Museum — Establishing in 1753, this museum has one of the greatest and most comprehensive human culture art and artifact collections with over 8 million pieces. It is worth spending an entire day here. The museum is free to the public.

2. London Science Museum – Houses a historical collection of growth in science, engineering, medicine and technology. If you need some things to do in London with kids, this is the place for you.

3. Victoria and Albert Museum – This is where art and design collides more than any of the other London museums. Workshops and tours are offered as well as interactive gallery exhibits where you can even try on a set of armor from the medieval time period.

4. Natural History Museum — The museum’s overall vision is to educate the public about the natural world to inspire better care of our planet for the next generation. Exhibits cover humans, plants and animals—in particularly, fossils and dinosaur bones.

5. Museum of London – Always changing is the best way to describe the temporary exhibits that rotate through the museum. Their main focus is a collection of London history that covers the Prehistoric timeframe up until the 19th century. A 1900 watercolor painting depicting the Tower of London can also be found here.

6. National Gallery – The gallery is the home of an extensive collection of master piece paintings from famed artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh. The gallery also offers live music concerts and tours.

7. Guards Museum – Go here to learn the detailed history of the guards, their purpose and their other responsibilities outside of guarding the royal family. The museum covers over 360 years of England’s military timeline.

8. Design Museum – A museum that highlights modern design and displays exhibits based on industrial, fashion, architectural and graphic design.

9. Buckingham Palace – With over 775 rooms 19 of which are open to public for museum touring, it is easy to learn Buckingham Palace facts. Please plan your tours from July through September because the rest of the years visitors can only see the splendor of British Royal residence from the outside.

10. Tower Bridge Exhibition – This is a little different than the other London museums; however it is most noted for its history of Tower Bridge facts and a collection of pictures of when the bridge was going through construction phases. It also goes into detail of how the bridge operates to allow vessels to pass through.

As you have read, the London Museums have amazingly extensive collections and millions of tourists visit them each year. The added bonus is that most of them are free to the public.