Top 10 London’s Tower Bridge Facts

Tower Bridge FactsIf you desire a London day-trip with variety, check out these Tower Bridge facts and you’ll surely want to visit the famous historical landmark. London’s Tower Bridge offers something different for those who’ve run the gamut of popular London hot-spots, know all their Buckingham Palace facts, and grown tired of the double-decker bus tours. Here are some facts about the Tower Bridge that make it an ideal place to visit during your London vacation:

1. The panoramic view from the Tower Bridge features an array of beautiful scenery and well-known landmarks, from St. Paul’s Cathedral to Canary Wharf.

2. You can brush up on your Tower Bridge Facts with a self-guided tour of the Tower Bridge Exhibition, where you will relive the bridge’s history from Victorian times through today.

3. Tickets are inexpensive and the bridge is open to tourists year-round.

4. If you are looking for things to do in London with kids, the Tower Bridge offers many family-friendly activities, including interactive displays and a daredevil motorcycle stunt exhibition that is sure to thrill the little ones.

5. The Tower Bridge is currently undergoing a major restoration, which can be viewed by visitors.

6. The Tower Bridge hosts world-class contemporary art and photographic exhibitions.

7. For all you history buffs, Tower Bridge facts surrounding how Tower Bridge affected London’s growth, how its design was chosen, and how the massive structure was built are sure to fascinate those interested in Tower Bridge History.

8. The Tower Bridge still houses its original lifting machinery in its Victorian Engine Rooms – a fascinating display of mechanical engineering.

9. Hotels near Tower Bridge are some of the finest London has to offer. Try The Tower Hotel, which takes its name from the famous bridge and sits right upstream on the river Thames.

10. Visitors of the Tower Bridge can also travel to the nearby Monument, which is the world’s largest freestanding monument, offering three-hundred, sixty-five degree views of the beautiful London skyline.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. London’s Tower Bridge has so much to offer that you must experience it for yourself. It is definitely worth the trip to uncover your own Tower Bridge facts.