Top 10 Most Famous Canada Landmarks Travelers Talk About

Canada is one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world, home to pristine wilderness, a dynamic environment and some of the world’s most important plant and animal species. The cities here can vary almost as much as the landscape and this combination of metropolises and magnificent natural wonder mean that there is something for everyone to do and see while visiting Canada. The country is also home to quite a few notable points of interest, and there are some Canada landmarks that shouldn’t be missed. Stretching from the far western reaches in Victoria all the way east past the territory of Manitoba, we’ve put together a top ten list sure to cover any destination you may be considering in North America’s most northern country.

1. Niagara Falls: Canada is an enormous country, lagging just behind Asian monoliths in terms of square mileage. However, although there is enough land for everyone to explore here without ever touching elbows, one location remains year after year one of the most popular places to visit in Canada. The Falls at Niagara are some of the most fascinating and impressive natural features on the planet, and hundreds of thousands of guests make their way to them each year. It’s also a popular spot for life events like weddings because of the scenic beauty afforded visitors from every angle. The area surrounding the falls is touristy and enjoyable and there are many lodging, dining and entertainment venues nearby. Niagara remains one of the most well known of all Canada landmarks both for its ever changing natural beauty and interesting history, too.

2. CN Tower Toronto: Perhaps one of the single most recognizable of all Toronto landmarks is the CN Tower, a sky reaching monolith that held the record as the tallest building in the world until the end of the first decade of the 2000s. It’s still an impressive height, coming in at 1,815 feet tall, and guests willing to ride to the top are treated to breathtaking views of the cityscape below. Although this standout amongst Canada landmarks lost its title of the world’s tallest building, it still holds other records that may remain unbeaten. The CN Tower still has the longest metal staircase in the world, as well as the highest glass floor. Today, aside from a tourist attraction, the building remains a tower for communications, housing numerous television and radio stations.

3. Banff National Park: True nature lovers won’t want to miss out on Alberta’s own World Heritage Site. Banff is home to the Canadian Rockies as well as stunning lakes that are fed by glaciers. There are many activities available at Banff including snowshoeing, canoeing, hiking, bicycling and skiing, and the area is well equipped to handle tourists thanks to lodging and dining accommodations. Of all the National Park Canada landmarks, Banff was the first; and the entry town of Banff which gives way to thousands of square kilometers of unspoiled wilderness greets numerous guests each and every year.

4. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise: At the heart of the aforementioned National Park lies one of the most picturesque lodging options in the Western hemisphere. The chateau, perched along the shores of Lake Louise, is recognized internationally not only for superior levels of service for guests but also for its environmental and nature preservation efforts as well. The hotel is an ideal destination for those that truly love the outdoors as it’s situated amongst natural Canada landmarks such as the Victoria Glacier and nearby mountain peaks. Guests to the Alberta area should be sure not to miss out on a chance to spend a little more time in Banff.

5. Royal British Columbia Museum: Victoria is home to this institution of learning which both pays homage to Canada’s historical roots as well as the natural history of the country and planet in general. Here exhibits dedicated to the origin of local languages can be found along with prehistoric artifacts that date back millions of years. The museum houses an extensive specimen collection, making it important amongst Canada Landmarks for its contributions to research and education.

6. Butchart Gardens: Not far from Victoria can be found a delightful array of horticultural displays. The Gardens at Butchart are visited by over one million guests each year, and their popularity combined with their importance to environmental preservation have earned the grounds a designation as a National Historic Site. Guests interested in Butchart Gardens Tours will learn a lot about the start of the gardens and how they came to be the lush and beautiful landscape that they are today. The original landowners turned an exhausted quarry into a sunken garden which then expanded to become the tourist attraction and natural wonder at Butchart.

7. Capilano Suspension Bridge: Although there are a great many beautiful, unique and worthwhile Vancouver landmarks to consider during a visit, one that often gets overlooked is the suspension bridge at Capilano. Outside of the city center can be found this historic suspension bridge which stretches over four hundred and fifty feet long over two hundred feet high above the Capilano river below. It’s a historic piece of the country’s past that adventurous guests won’t want to miss out on a chance to experience, and the bridge itself is considered important amongst Canada landmarks for its setting amongst some of the most lush and magnificent environment the country has to offer.

8. Montreal Underground City: The underground city found in Montreal is neither completely underground nor is it a complete city, but enough of both that the name is more than appropriate. Here, not far at all from Quebec city attractions, multiple buildings and underground structures house a variety of both aboveground and belowground locales that are connected via wide tunnels and passageways allowing visitors and residents to access the housing establishments, educational facilities, entertainment complexes and outlets for shopping, dining and more that are housed within. While there are many things to do in Montreal, it’s worth checking out this sub sidewalk Mecca, which is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in the entire world. The Underground City is unique amongst Canada Landmarks because it’s a fully functioning part of the metropolis of Montreal, and in winter months is used by over half a million people each and every day.

9. Churchill: There are a few reasons why Churchill, a tiny town in the territory of Manitoba, is becoming very popular with tourists; but one in particular that brings them out in droves in late autumn. The area is known for an influx in polar bears come the fall months, and guests visitors wait for Churchill Polar Bear Tours for an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the winter white mammals in their natural environment. These tours take place by land, by sea and even by air in the area that has been named “The Polar Bear Capital of the World” making it unique amongst Canada landmarks, being known for its fauna, primarily.

10. Prince of Wales Fort: Aside from moving, living points of interest in Churchill, there are actual structural points of interest considered to be notable amongst Canada landmarks found here as well. One of these is the Price of Wales Fort, and the building is a nearly three century old reminder of the Anglo-French dispute for North America. It’s a nonfunctioning monument that still stands today, covered in brush and grasses while still remaining incredibly structurally sound.