Top 10 Most Famous Florida Landmarks Travelers Talk About

The state of Florida remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. With miles upon miles of uninterrupted coastline and some of the most unique wildlife habitats on the planet, millions upon millions of visitors flock here each and every year. There are a great many famous Florida landmarks found here for visitors to enjoy, and no matter what part of the state you intend to visit, from mermaids to roller coasters and everything in between, past guests point out that there is something for everyone to enjoy in The Sunshine State.

1. Walt Disney World: This theme park centered around the iconic animated character Mickey Mouse is not just the most famous of all Florida Landmarks, it’s also one of the most well known in the entire world. Encompassing thousands of acres near Orlando, Disney World is home to multiple amusements parks including the Magic Kingdom and Epcot as well as many hotels and other local attractions for visitors to enjoy. Each and every year, visitors come to see the stunning Cinderella Castle and ride the monorail around the park’s attractions and enjoy the characters canvassing the park, fireworks shows, world class dining and more.

2. Universal Studios Orlando: Simply one of the must visit Florida landmarks no matter how many days you have at your disposal. This mega sized theme park allows you to go behind the scenes of your favorite movies and relive the coolest episodes and stunts. When Universal Studios carved out a slice of its park to dedicate to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it was so successful that the franchise was given its own park, Harry Potter Theme Park. Opening in 2014, visitors can traipse up and down Diagon Alley and explore the many unique realms that were brought to life in the film adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s beloved young adult series. It’s easy to see how this new park will quickly become a fixture amongst Florida landmarks to delight guests for decades to come.

3. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: For an adventurous good time, it’s worth heading to another theme park selection amongst Florida landmarks. Although perhaps not as well known as Disney World, Busch Gardens offers a magnificent selection of rides that are ideal for thrill seekers, as well as activities for kids as well. The park’s favorite residents, the Clydesdale horses, make themselves apparent sometimes in the park, and animal shows and live action performances are available daily.

4. Bok Tower Gardens: Lake Wales, Florida is home to this historic landmark that has delighted guests for over eighty years. Surrounded by lush gardens, the Singing Tower features ornate carvings and towering finials that make it one of the most beautiful Florida landmarks. Each day, twice a day, concerts are held out the tower, and the soothing music from within the structure’s walls fill the gardens below with harmony.

5. Weeki Wachee Springs: Believe it or not, what has been drawing guests to Weeki Wachee since the 40s is mermaids. Here, live mermaid shows are put on daily for guests to enjoy. The trained fish-women are viewed from a theater that has been submerged nearly 400 feet below the water’s surface. The park is situated in a State Park, one of many natural Florida landmarks, and there are other activities here for guests to enjoy including animal shows, theme park Buccaneer Bay and much more on the over five hundred acre complex.

6. Sanibel Island: Found just off the coast of Fort Myers, Sanibel is a small island that is known for its calm waters, white sand and family friendly fun. While no doubt a popular tourist destination all year long, Sanibel is unique amongst island Florida landmarks. While most of islands off the state’s coast lie in a north to south orientation, Sanibel lies east to west, making it ideal for being the landing spot for an abundance of sea shells. As a result, visitors come from all over the world to partake in shelling, an activity that the island is known for.

7. Fort Lauderdale Canals: There is a reason that this coastal city is called “The Venice of America”, it is most likely because of the calm canals that provide watery roadways for boats. Cruising along these waterways is a tourist’s dream because the water is still and calm and the ride pleasurable. But, in a state known for its wildlife, it’s no surprise that like other Florida landmarks, there is a local resident at the canals that perhaps draws as many visitors as the canals themselves. Manatees that are visible from above or occasionally make themselves apparent by bobbing on the water’s surface are sure to delight time and time again.

8. Blowing Rocks Preserve: Jupiter Island is in itself really considered a gem amongst Florida landmarks, but a particular one mile stretch of shoreline really draws a crowd. Known as Blowing Rocks, this limestone shoreline is a rocky, cliff filled piece of dramatic natural beauty that lies between sand dunes and mangroves. A small admission fee is required and guests can also take advantage of guided tours offered by the park.

9. Everglades National Park: Situated at the southern end of the state is found a massive, protected retreat for a wide variety of Florida natives. Here, alligators and snakes roam freely amongst the marshland and swamp land that they call home. This nature preserve is one of the most well known Florida landmarks, and guests can either choose to take guided tours, pontoon boat rides or even drive through the park on the long stretch of highway known as Alligator Alley, that cut’s through the preserve. It’s not uncommon while making this drive to see a gator or two, sometimes even right on the side of the highway.

10. South Beach Miami: Known as a glitzy, glamorous beach side city, the area called South Beach is home to white sands, art deco buildings and a shocking collection of beautiful people. Perhaps owing a bit of its notoriety to the music industry, the area is a bustling hot bed of activity and there are many museums, shops, fine dining establishments and activities to be enjoyed here. However, unlike many other Florida landmarks, South Beach is particularly known for its nightlife scene, with clubs and bars found here that are widely known.