Top 10 Most Famous New York State Landmarks Travelers Talk About

The state of New York is enormous and stretches from the Great Lakes region in its west, a tad northward towards parts of Canada and then all the way East to the Atlantic Ocean. In between, the long miles that comprise one of the country’s early states can be found a great many famous New York state landmarks for guests to enjoy. Many of them are found at the state’s famous named city that lies along its eastern coast, but past guests point out that there are other marvelous stops worth investing some time in that are found in every corner of New York.

1. Statue of Liberty: Found on a small island in a harbor just a short ferry wide west of Long Island can be found the iconic structure known as Lady Liberty. While she’s clearly visible from a distance away, the massive, greenish structure is worth the short boat ride to witness up close and personal. A gift from France, she represents the principles that the Unites States was founded on, and remains perhaps the most well known of all New York State landmarks. Guided tours inside the statue are a consistent favorite amongst guests to the city.

2. Ellis Island: Though currently undergoing repairs, Ellis Island is still open to visitors in limited capacity and is a very worthwhile stop while visiting the state. Notable amongst New York landmarks as being the pass through point for the majority of immigrants coming to the United States while in its infancy, the now National Park offers a brief walk in the footsteps of the more than twelve million immigrants that once passed through it.

3. One World Trade Center: Once the site of a bustling and busy office mega complex, the location where the Twin Towers once stood now is marked by one of the most somber and stirring New York City Attractions. The monument placed here marks perhaps the most chilling event in the United States in the last few decades, the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001. The new memorial took many years to be completed but is already becoming one of the most visited New York State landmarks as guests come to pay their respects to those who perished, including the rescue teams and first responders as well.

4. Empire State Building: Maybe it is the numerous movies that this particular skyscraper has appeared in that make it one of the most popular New York City attractions. Or, perhaps it’s the spectacular views afforded visitors to it’s vast observation deck. Regardless, the building that King Kong climbed on the silver screen is one of the most popular New York City landmarks, and draws millions of visitors each and every year.

5. Times Square: Lights are everywhere, and so are people, at all hours of the day and night. Even in the wee hours of the morning, this central tourist spot is filled with pedestrians and flashing neon. Some of the most amazing hotels, restaurants and shopping locations can be found here, and the Square is central to many other attractions within walking distance. Past guests do point out that for visitors to New York City, the square can be much more expensive in just about every regard from lodging to eating to making purchases. Therefore, it may make more sense to stay near other New York City landmarks and head to the square by cab or on foot instead.

6. Niagara Falls: Although the state named city may very well be home to the vast majority of New York landmarks, there are many more that draw perhaps a similar amount of visitors each and every year. The great falls that New York State shares with country neighbor Canada is one such landmark. It’s been a honeymoon and weekend getaway destination for decades and both sides of the falls that span international borders are equally beautiful. A touristy vibe surrounds the areas offering activities, museums, shops, galleries, eateries and more for visitors to enjoy.

7. Adirondack National Forest: Leave worries and cares behind and step into the unspoiled nature that is the area known as The Adirondacks. Here, mountainous peaks and valleys give way to clear and cool waterfalls, lakes and streams making for an outdoorsy paradise. Ideal for those who want to get away from it all, the national forest is one of the most beautiful New York landmarks, and guests here can enjoy water sports, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, skiing and more.

8. Catskill Mountain: At almost the complete diagonal opposite of the Adirondacks can be found the Catskills, another of the many New York landmarks that has been forever memorialized in film. The area is best known for winter sports like snowboarding, but the unique combination of rustic and outdoorsy charm combined with the modern amenities afforded visitors by charming local towns make it a hotspot for tourists all year round.

9. Finger Lakes: These lakes are named this way for a reason. When looking at them on a map, they appear like finger shaped appendages, almost evenly spaced, complete with tapering fingertips. Although, their shape isn’t what makes them one of the most well loved of New York landmarks. The elegant vibe found here in Rochester’s wine country making the region so popular with visitors. Each year, thousands upon thousands of vacationers choose to spend their time in the lush, forested surroundings and take advantage of all the activities the lake has to offer while sampling delicious local fare and delightful regional wines.

10. Thousand Islands: In Lake Ontario can be found yet another of the New York landmarks that straddles an international border. This area is named of course for the numerous small islands that fill the gap between the State of New York and very close neighbor, Canada. The area is incredibly popular with tourists and they come from all over the world for the area’s numerous annual events and competitions, water activities, outdoor activities, fishing, museums, wineries and more.