Top 10 Most Famous Ohio Landmarks Travelers Talk About

Ohio is a large state situated on the eastern edge of the area known as the Midwest. It’s called “The Heart of it All” because if the United States were a person, Ohio would be positioned where most normally would indicate that the heart would be. The residents of the state are known for their “heart” as well, and this combined with the state’s unique location bordered by Lake Erie to the north and the Ohio River to the South mean that millions of visitors head to the Buckeye State each and every year. Some come just to visit the numerous famous Ohio landmarks scattered around, and from north to south and everything in between, there is something for everyone to do in Ohio.

1. Columbus Ohio Zoo: Columbus is a large city and there is a wealth of things for visitors to the area to do. However, one of the most popular Columbus Ohio attractions is the city’s zoo. The complex is massive and boasts a wide variety of unique animals that aren’t found in many other local zoos, like the large and impressive Komodo Dragon. Playgrounds, eateries, a water park and more await guests to this most family friendly of Ohio landmarks.

2. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Found on Cleveland’s waterfront, the Rock Hall is a museum to the legends of the music industry where guests can see artifacts that once belonged to their favorite performers and learn a lot about the people and processes behind the music. The venue plays host to many live musical performances annually, and unlike other Ohio landmarks, the collection tends to change from time to time, meaning that repeat visits are encouraged. Outside the modern structure can be found the iconic painted guitars that the city is known for, and there are many attractions close by including visitable Sub, the U.S.S. Cod and numerous sporting venues.

3. Main Avenue Bridge: The waterfront city of Cleveland boasts numerous bridges that connect its various parts and districts. Some of them, like the one that connects the east and west banks of the nightlife areas known as the flats, even provide nighttime light displays. But of all the Cleveland Bridges, there is one that many visitors to the city don’t leave without passing over or taking a picture of. The Main Avenue Bridge became notable amongst Ohio landmarks when it was depicted at the end of the theme for Drew Carey’s sitcom in the “Cleveland Rocks” version of the well known local celebrity’s show.

4: Cincinnati Attractions: Cincinnati is a popular spot for guests to the state to visit, and there are many Ohio landmarks here to enjoy. One of the most popular ways to see all that the city has to offer is to take a steamboat ride down the Ohio River and examine the interesting sights on both banks. Two of these landmarks, however, are at risk and are considered endangered. The Music Hall and Art Deco Union Terminal are both said to require massive restorations leaving them at potential risk to either fall to a state of disrepair, or be destroyed.

5. Amish Country: A little over an hour south of the city of Cleveland, visitors are transported back in time when they enter the towns of Sugar Creek and Walnut Creek, just two of many Amish communities found in the central part of the state. Here, traditional handiworks can be purchased and numerous opportunities to experience homemade food are found as well as unique activities like Amish buggy rides and flea markets. The communities collectively comprise a patchwork of Ohio landmarks, and the region draws millions of visitors every year.

6. Cedar Point Amusement Park: Perhaps one of the most well known of all Ohio landmarks is a destination for thrill seekers that is found in Sandusky, on the northwestern shore of the state. This amusement park is known for having some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the entire world, which brings adrenaline junkies out in droves from every corner of the planet. Mainstays like Millennium Force with its massive first hill and The Raptor with its dizzying twists and turns are fan favorites and the park adds new rides almost every year, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The park also boasts a pristine piece of Lake Erie coastline, a water park and several hotels for guests to enjoy.

7. Put in Bay: A short and fascinating ride from the mainland on either the Miller Ferry or the Jet Express takes visitors to a little island paradise found on Lake Erie. Here, a boardwalk vibe and an island feel make for a full day of adventure exploring local wineries and art galleries, enjoying a meal at one of many fine dining establishments and hopping from bar to bar at the water’s edge. There are many gift shops here, as well as notable Ohio landmarks like the Perry Monument, that will help visitors understand the area’s history. The best way to explore the island is by golf cart, and they are rentable at all ferry ports and various locations in the area.

8. Seneca Caverns: Young and old alike will find these Ohio Caverns well worth the drive. Situated in northwest Ohio, the caverns afford guests an opportunity to go way deep down and explore the labyrinth of nooks and crannies below with an experienced guide. It’s not an easy journey however, and participants are regularly ducking, squeezing and turning sideways to get through the cave system where they regularly see historic markings on the rocks found below, as well as the cave’s favorite resident, bats. After experiencing the unique Ohio landmarks, visitors can head back up to the surface to a gift shop, take an opportunity to pan for gold, play some mini golf and enjoy the rest of the area’s amenities.

9. Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Stretching through many cities, the Metropark system is a protected, natural reserve that is home to cliffs and ledges, waterfalls, local wildlife and lush foliage. This is a popular spot for picnics and gatherings and there are some areas where activities like swimming and even golf are permitted. There are many Ohio landmarks found within the parks, and guests can experience them on ranger guided tours, such as the geological wonders found at Richie’s Ledges.

10. Inverness Club: Interestingly enough, many of the most popular Toledo Ohio attractions involve sports, and notable stops like the Glass Dome and other athlete friendly Ohio landmarks in Toledo draw many visitors each and every year. However, at Inverness, golf brings in the crowds. The course is well known as it played host to two P.G.A. championships as well as four U.S. Opens. Inverness is over a hundred years old and is historically important as it changed the way that the world looked at professional golfers, and may be responsible for helping shoot them to an elevated level of fanfare by being the first course to allow the pros into the clubhouse in the early 1900s.