Top 10 Most Famous Pennsylvania Landmarks Travelers Talk About

Pennsylvania may not be the first place that many think of when it comes to vacation destinations. And, that’s a real shame because the large state has much to offer both nature and history lovers alike who are looking for a new place to explore. From important historical famous Pennsylvania landmarks that played a pivotal role in the foundation of our very country to natural, splendid arrays of mountains and rivers, there are a lot of attractions scattered around the state to welcome visitors.

1. Independence Hall: Philadelphia is home to the Independence National Historical Park, a World Heritage Site within which this 1753 structure is the centerpiece. While the building can easily be mistaken as a church or schoolhouse, comprised of simple brick and topped with a clock, it’s one of the most important Pennsylvania landmarks as well as one of the most important in the United States. It’s here where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America were discussed and put into effect, making it perhaps the most important of all Philadelphia attractions. Historically, there are few places like the hall, which hold an important role in the very foundation of the country.

2. Liberty Bell: This iconic bell featuring a hallmark crack was once housed in the steeple of our number one selection amongst Pennsylvania landmarks. Today it sits in the Independence Mall, in a glass pavilion, a move that occurred once the park service took over custody of the bell following World War II. The bell was commissioned to be used as a summoning device for lawmakers to head in for important gatherings and also to notify the local public when something they might have an interest in was occurring. The iconic crack appeared after the bell’s first ring in Philadelphia, and it was cast twice following the initial damage.

3. Longwood Gardens: A bit west of the home of the cheese steak, about a thousand acres nestled in Brandywine Creek Valley draw visitors all throughout the year. Although the botanical gardens, considered some of the most beautiful and elegant in the country, are well known amongst Pennsylvania landmarks – it’s the activities that occur at Longwood that bring visitors out en masse. Workshops and lectures, performances and events choose Longwood as a venue because the twenty indoor gardens and twenty outdoor gardens are an ideal setting for just about any occasion. But, there doesn’t have to be a scheduled event to stop by and enjoy everything from a heated greenhouse to a delicate Italian water garden.

4. Lancaster Amish Village: Take a fully interactive museum tour back in time just a bit west of the modern metropolis of Philadelphia. For over three centuries, there has been little change here in the heart of the state’s Old Dutch Community, and visitors hoping to spend some time amongst the Pennsylvania landmarks can do by bus or buggy tour, or simply walk around and take in the sights and sounds of a working, farming people. A schoolteacher is on hand to give guests some insight as to how schools function in Amish country, and a tour of the smokehouse is sure to delight those interested in how meats are traditionally prepared here. Though comprised of just twelve acres, there is a lot going on in this Amish village.

5. Gettysburg National Battlefield: The Civil War included a great many battles, scattered across the eastern part of the country, and here in Gettysburg, two Pennsylvania landmarks that mark important events that occurred during the historic battle can be found. The Gettysburg National Military Park, the site of one of the largest battles in the war, is open for guests to visit and reflect upon. Meanwhile, the town itself is iconic, as it’s here where the famous address given by Abraham Lincoln occurred. The entire area is very rich in American history and a huge attraction for both local and out of town tourists.

6. Harrisburg: Although both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia tend to draw a great majority of visitors to the state of Pennsylvania, the state’s Harrisburg Capitol area has quite a bit to offer tourists as well. The Capitol building itself is an impressive site, and other Pennsylvania landmarks found in the city including a Holocaust Memorial and an obelisk dedicated to war veterans are among the many. However, though merely a government building, the domed renaissance style capitol building complete with grand staircase is a favorite amongst visitors to the city.

7. Pocono Mountains: One of the greatest gems of the Keystone state is found in its eastern reaches. The Poconos, as they’re affectionately referred to, are a cultural and naturally inspiring scenic destination. Here, guests can enjoy mountain vistas, cascading waterfalls and breathtaking valleys. Hiking, biking, kayaking and adventuring around Pennsylvania landmarks like Lehigh Gorge State Park are amongst some of the favored activities here by past guests.

8. Bushkill Falls: The Poconos feature a great many modern conveniences including a mountain water park and a bustling outlet mall. However, as cyclists and hikers alike have found, it’s the natural beauty of the area that draws a great majority of visitors. Whether taking pictures at the Gray Towers or skiing at Big Boulder, a relatively unspoiled natural wonderland awaits. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than at these falls, one of the most iconic Pennsylvania landmarks found in the Poconos. Thu hundred foot high falls are known as “Pennsylvania’s Niagara” and draw guests with rushing waters, wildflowers and majestic boulders.

9. Pittsburgh Carnegie Museums: A quartet of famed museums can be found in the western city of Pittsburgh and no matter which of these Pennsylvania landmarks are visited, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The art museum features an assortment of fixed displays and moving exhibits, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History provides an in depth look at the past of our planet and its people. Two additional museums, one dedicated to the work of Andy Warhol and one functioning as a science center provide stimulation for adults and children alike. It’s easy to make an entire day’s worth of fun at these important cultural icons found in Pittsburgh.

10. Presque Isle State Park: Situated at the very northwest portion of the Keystone State can be found a sandy peninsula that extends out into Lake Erie that is a big draw with both locals and tourists alike. Presque Isle is important amongst Pennsylvania landmarks because it’s considered the states only true shoreline, a feature that is responsible for drawing visitors to the area who are looking for water sports, scenic bike rides and hikes along pristine trails. Segway tours and boat tours are also available for those wishing to explore the area in a different way, options often favored by past first time guests and repeat visitors alike.