Top 10 Most Famous Sweden Landmarks Travelers Talk About

From a wide range of capital city Stockholm attractions to the diverse natural landscapes found on outlying islands, there are many things for visitors of Sweden to do and see. While the Nordic country is often passed over during European vacations as most folks tend to stay in the southern countries, those that do make their way further north are treated to a delightful array of history, culture and environmental wonders in Stockholm, Malmo, Visby, and others. Those interested in the country’s long history will find no shortage of Sweden famous landmarks to enjoy, the most popular ten of which we’ve compiled below.

1. Oresund Bridge: Before heading directly into the capital, it’s important not to miss the bridge that connects nearby Denmark to Sweden. Known as Oresund, it’s a true marvel of modern engineering and has become one of the most recognizable Sweden Landmarks. Part Carriageway Bridge, part underwater tunnel and a dash of artificial landmass make crossing the bridge a truly unique experience. View of the over sea overpass are breathtaking from almost every angle for those who aren’t prepared to hop back and forth across country borders.

2. Gamla Stan: Once in Stockholm, visitors have an opportunity to literally explore a living, breathing museum. This old town is a preserved medieval city center and guests are transported back in time, walking cobblestone streets past historic buildings in hues of gold and alongside traditional makers of old handicrafts and local art. Although there are many Sweden landmarks to be found in this old part of Stockholm, truly the entire area is worth exploring for a historical trip back through the ages.

3. Vasa Museum: Whilst in Sweden’s capital, it’s important to not miss an opportunity to witness the only salvaged ship that remains nearly intact from the seventeenth century. The Vasa met her fate in the year 1628, and since the museum was built in the late twentieth century to house her, nearly twenty five million people have come to see the nearly intact sail-er of the high seas. In terms of Sweden landmarks, the museum is the most visited and guests can enjoy other historical readings and artifacts along with the famous ship.

4. Drottningholm Palace: Of all of the castles remaining from the 1600s found in Sweden, the palace at Drottningholm is considered to be the best preserved of these Sweden landmarks. It’s a delightful example of European architecture from this period and there are many exciting components of the structure for guests to enjoy including the gardens, theater and Chinese Pleasure Pavilion. Aside from the southern wing which serves as residence for Their Majesties, visitors can tour the grounds all year round.

5. Gothenburg Cathedral: The second largest city in Sweden is home to this sixteenth century cathedral, which is one of the most visited of all Sweden landmarks. It was built to replace a dozen year old stave church and has served since then as the seat of the municipality’s diocese for the Church of Sweden. Now its stunning interior and exterior draws crowds interested in the structure’s stunning architecture and long history in the area.

6. Turning Torso Malmo Tower: Not far from the aforementioned cathedral can be found this most interesting looking building. The structure is named for its twists and turns that are nothing short of a modern marvel of engineering. Now one of the most recognizable of Sweden landmarks, the Turning Torso is visited by thousands of guests annually. It’s nearly six hundred feet tall and turns and entire ninety degrees from its base to its top. It looks like someone reached down from the sky and twisted the entire building on its base, and is both a work of sculptural art as well as a functioning apartment building.

7. Kosterhavet: A mere two hour drive from the twisty turning spire at Malmo can be found the car free zone of Kosterhavet which is a Maritime National Park. The Koster Islands, natural Sweden landmarks, boast beaches and rocky islands as well as unique and stunning examples of local plants and wildlife. Activities here include boat rides, diving, kayaking and seal safaris, all sure to delight guests willing to make the journey to this unspoiled region.

8. Kiruna Ice Hotel: There are few hotels in the world that undergo renovations as often as the once made entirely of ice found at Kiruna. Every single year the entire hotel is rebuilt in a new way and artistic elements are changed annually as a part of the design process. Although standard rooms are available, guests tend to brave the elements and stay in one of the hotel’s ice rooms, which are comprised entirely of frozen water and snow. Its five degrees below zero in these accommodations which provide pelts for warmth, but the experience is truly one of a kind. The frozen lodging outpost is quickly becoming one of the most popular Sweden landmarks for tourists who find repeat visits worthwhile due to the changing dynamics of the facility.

9. Carlsten’s Fortress: Near the Hollywood like town of Marstrand can be found this fortress, built in the mid 1600s. It perches atop the cityscape overlooking the wooden houses and cosmopolitan streets below. The structure took over two hundred years to build at Marstrand, a desirable location thanks to a lack of ice which made it ideal for a port. Not only are guided tours in numerous languages offered at the fortress, the building has a unique feature amongst Sweden landmarks – an onsite hotel which is perfect for those looking to get a longer look at some true Swedish history.

10. Borgholm Castle: This castle, found on the island of Oland is not like other Sweden landmarks as it’s not a restored or still functioning piece of history; rather ,the resting place of the ruins of a once great and important medieval stronghold. The castle is thought to have been constructed around the twelfth century and is said to have been involved in a great many conflicts that ravaged the land in the years following its original construction. Now all that remains here is a unique look at one of history’s great buildings, and tourists arrive here regularly for spectacular photo opportunities of the fire ruined compound.