Top 10 Most Interesting Bermuda Facts

Bermuda FactsThe wonderful Bermuda facts are as old as the island itself, which was originally discovered during the 1500s. At this time, there were no natives, unlike many other Caribbean islands. However, Bermuda has a very thought-provoking past and lively present that is truly worthy of exploring.

The top 10 most interesting Bermuda facts include:

1. One of the Bermuda facts that are not very well-known is the island size. While many tourists are aware that it is small, very few know that it only measures 21 sq miles in total. If compared to a large country, like the United States, which measures 3.79 million sq miles, it is easier to put into perspective.

2. Ask any Bermuda travel guide for a brief history of the island and they will all begin with the origins. Discovered by Juan De Bermudez back in 1503, this island was found by accident after his ship became lodged in the reef. Over the next few decades, many more sailors and explorers met with a similar demise, however as De Bermudez was the first, he received recognition and the island received his name.

3. One of the oddest Bermuda facts is regarding their laws. Although they are recognized as a part of Britain overseas territories, with their foreign affairs office in London, they govern themselves and do not recognize the laws that apply within the United Kingdom.

4. The island of Bermuda relies heavily on imported goods as it does not possess any natural resources. The do not export anything to other countries. Even gas and oil must be purchased and shipped there. This is extremely strange for a Caribbean island. Especially since others islands within the same region export a great deal of goods to other countries.

5. Although Bermuda flies a British flag and has remarkable relations with the United Kingdom, all UK residents who seek a vacation here must present a passport for entry; they are foreigners in their eyes. This includes all children over the age of 1 year. You must present the proper travel papers prior to entry or you will be refused.

6. 85% of all tourists are US residents who book Bermuda honeymoon packages or set on family vacations and getaways. The island appeals to tourists and they rely on them to keep the island thriving. 5% of the remaining tourists are from the UK and another 5% are from Canada. The remaining 5% are residents of other countries including Mexico, Panama and Australia.

7. Although Bermuda vacation ideas are always popular, it is important to understand their tax schedule and how they are imposed. If you choose a cruise or sail on a yacht, each passenger has a responsibility to pay upon arrival. Departure tax is expected for those flying to the island and is much higher than arrival tax.

8. Bermuda Triangle stories include the loss of both ships and airplanes that vanish in the blink of an eye for no apparent reason. There are three main theories behind these disappearances, which include a magnetic field, methane gas and electronic fog. They all carry their own origins. For example, the methane gas theory claims that buried under the sea lays enough methane gas that causes the area to catch fire, engulfing everything in the path.

9. As tiny as this island is, there are still more than 64,000 full-time residents. This is the equivalent of 3,000 residents for every square mile. Of these 64,000+, 82 are actually homeless and over 800 live in institutions.

10. Crime in Bermuda is 50% related to illegal drug activity. Unfortunately, of those convicted and ordered to serve a prison sentence, more than 80% are repeat offenders.