Top 10 Most Interesting Biltmore Estate Facts

Biltmore Estate FactsThe Biltmore Estate facts are plentiful. They do, however, vary on many different things. For instance, many believe that this estate was built by George Vanderbilt because of his huge ego.

Being a multi-millionaire can definitely play with one’s emotions, but the real Biltmore Estate facts revolve around Mr. Vanderbilt’s love for beautiful things. He treasured works of art and thus, dedicated this estate to his family as a way to show his appreciation to them.

The top 10 most interesting Biltmore Estate facts are listed below:

1. There are 125,000 acres surrounding the Biltmore estate mansion. It is right next to Asheville, NC and remains the largest private home in America. To date, the Vanderbilt family continues to live there, even after many generations.

2. Biltmore Estate history dates back to the 1800s, 1889 to be precise. This is the year George Vanderbilt decided to create an opulent and luxurious home for his family.

3. Travelling through the city of Asheville allows many tourists to find Asheville lodging accommodations that are quite similar in structure to the Vanderbilt estate. In fact, one specific hotel, called Biltmore Estate Inn is actually located on the grounds.

4. One of the lesser known Biltmore Estate facts surrounds the origin of the name. Many assume it is a combination of the Vanderbilt’s and something else. However, it actually refers to ‘bilt’, which is a region that belongs to the Vanderbilt family in Holland and ‘more’, which refers to countryside that is quite hilly, in Old English terms, of course.

5. The Vanderbilt’s allow tourism everyday with the exception of major holidays. This makes the estate one of the most popular of all of the Asheville attractions. Visitors get to see the indoor pool, bowling alley and gymnasium. They can explore the 34 bedrooms and all of the artwork and antiques that have been gathered from all over the world.

6. The outside of the estate is just as elaborate as indoors, boasting over 8,000 well-manicured acres of wooded areas and exceptionally cultivated gardens. They also have a deer preserve that is a full 250 acres.

7. During the holiday season, the staff estimates that they use at least 15,000 strings of lights during their decorating process. They also utilize 100 evergreen trees. They only use burlap and ball Holly trees and inside, there are 41 Christmas trees to decorate.

8. Between April 7 and May 20, over 150,000 tourists arrive for the Festival of Flowers. This is an annual event that is now in its 27th year. During this time, the gardens come to life and spring forth over 100,000 different tulips with colors ranging from pink, to orange, red, purple, yellow and white.

9. They also hold an annual hunt for Easter eggs for the area children. It is estimated that over 5,000 children fill the front lawn as they seek out the brightly colored eggs. They also have games, magic shows and photo opportunities.

10. Because of the natural beauty, over 6,000 weddings occur here each year. They chose this location for the best photos amidst the perfect landscapes.