Top 10 Most Interesting CN Tower Facts

CN Tower FactsOne of the tallest and most beautiful communications and observation towers in the world, it’s often compared in its popularity with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France; Sears Tower in Chicago, IL and the Space Needle Tower in Seattle, WA. The CN Tower facts must begin with its origin. It took 3 years to construct beginning in 1973 and finally ending in 1976. While this may not seem extremely interesting, it must be noted because this was actually a long time. Originally, the time table was set at 24 months. However, even with 1537 workers, working around the clock it still took a full 36 months before it was finished.

The top 10 most interesting CN Tower facts are listed below:

1. The CN Tower Toronto is still within the top 3 of all the towers in the world. It measures 1,815 feet in height, making it the third highest coming in below the Canton Tower in China at, 2,000 feet and the Tokyo Skytree at 2,080 feet.

2. The CN Tower is one of the best Toronto landmarks and can be seen more than 29 miles away. If you stood on Lake Ontario’s shoreline, you could still see the tower gleaming without the use of binoculars.

3. One of the most impressive CN Tower facts is how it was constructed. There is of course the famous restaurant and many different observation levels. However, the tower was not built with consistent floors. This means it is not really a building.

4. Surrounded by many of the most prominent downtown Toronto hotels, the CN Tower attracts more than 2 million tourists annually and is responsible for increasing the revenue of each hotel within a 1-mile radius by over 25% each year.

5. Every Canada Travel Guide depicts a photo of the CN Tower as the top attraction for a multitude of activities, including the EdgeWalk and the 360 Restaurant, also known as the ‘revolving restaurant’.

6. Another one of the lesser known CN Tower facts is why it was built. The designers actually needed to complete this tower because there were too many buildings and skyscrapers in downtown Toronto. This hindered telecommunication efforts. They designed this tower to soar above the rest and provide exceptional transmission with zero interference.

7. A helicopter was used back in 1975 to top the tower with their antenna. This is the antenna that helped to add the extra feet to make it the tallest tower, at the time. In addition, the temperature varies from the bottom of the antenna to the top by approximately 10 degrees.

8. The CN Tower is the only one of the Toronto tourist attractions that has loyal gatherers each year. During the month of October, the United Way sponsors their stair climb for charity. Thousands participate in climbing all 1776 steps.

9. The Sky Pod, which is 350 feet below the top observation area is still considered the tallest of all man-made observatories. You can actually see Niagara Falls from there.

10. Because the CN Tower attracts 75 lighting storms each year, the EdgeWalk will never allow tourists to participate during an electrical storm. They will operate in all other various types of weather to add to the challenging aspect. However with electrical storms, even if they are only predicted, they will monitor the weather and keep the attraction closed until the threat passes.