Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Florida

Interesting Facts About FloridaYou will want to explore some interesting facts about Florida before you set out on your next vacation because this is one state that really surprises most first-time visitors.

Of course, most people are aware of the temperature and the variety of things to do, but how many really understand the historical significance and other interesting facts about Florida?

For years, it has been the place for young party people to retreat to during spring break. Others seek retirement opportunities. The reality is that the most interesting facts about Florida are just as diverse as the people who call it home.

Listed below are the top 10 most interesting facts about Florida:

1. Just by looking at a map of the United States, you can see that Florida is a rather large state. However, of the entire landscape only about 4424 square miles is really water, the remaining 54,136 square miles is land, which makes the total size 58,560 square miles. Considering so many people visit the beaches, this is definitely one of the more interesting facts about Florida.

2. The amusement parks in Florida are the most visited in the entire country. Most consider this state to be the capital of theme parks. Florida has 67 counties in total and 48 theme parks scattered throughout most.

3. Speaking of amusement parks, the Orlando Florida facts include the most featured of them all. There are 15 theme parks in Orlando, with the most popular being: Sea World, Disney World, Universal Studios and MGM Studios.

4. The most extravagant Walt Disney World parks in Florida include: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Each year, this mega-theme park receives more than 40 million visitors.

5. The Key West facts are a little different from other, more adventurous parts of Florida. This section of the state focuses more on culture, art, boating, snorkeling, fishing and diving. They also host a seafood festival each year that draws approximately 2.3 million people over a two-day period.

6. Miami facts begin with the founding of the city back in 1896. This is perhaps the most sought-after destination spot in Florida because of the vast number of things to do here. There are over 800 parks, and the beach is always ranked in the top 10 in the US. The diverse cultures, food, music and nightlife are also spectacular.

7. What’s so interesting about the Florida Everglades facts is their origin. Over 10,000 islands combined to make up this portion of Florida. In addition, over ½ of the sugar cane that is exported comes from here.

8. About 10,000 people live on a small island on Florida’s coast. It is called Sanibel Island. Most of the things to do in Sanibel Island revolve around the rich wildlife, which include more than 220 different types of birds and shell beaches. What makes this particular island so appealing to the residents is the lack of commercialism. Unlike Miami, Orland or other heavily populated cities, there are zero restaurant chains or fast food restaurants anywhere.

9. Another one of the more interesting facts about Florida is the number of Native American’s that reside here. There are six reservations located in this state and over 3,000 call them home. They include Brighton, Big Cypress, Hollywood, Tampa, Fort Pierce and Immokalee. They are all from the same tribe, the Seminole.

10. Ironically, suntan lotion was developed in Florida in 1944. The Pharmacist resided in Miami Beach. His name was Benjamin Green. Mr. Green was an airman who developed the product for WWII airmen in an attempt to block radiation. During the 1950s Coppertone purchased the patent and marketed Bain de Soleil and Coppertone.