Top 10 Most Interesting Geneva Switzerland Facts

Geneva Switzerland FactsWorld renowned architecture, history and those majestic Alps; Switzerland seems to have it all, so it is no wonder so many people visit the country each year. Here are just ten of the top Geneva Switzerland facts that may help you when deciding which of the amazing cities you will visit on your next Swiss vacation.

1. You’ll find plenty of things to do in French Switzerland when you choose Geneva. As the second largest city in the country situated on the banks of Lake Geneva, it is home to many cultural, historical and natural attractions while also being the hub of banking, technology and tourism.

2. A Geneva Switzerland fact that not many may know is that the World Wide Web was created in a laboratory in the city. Today millions around the world log on to this innovation to get the latest information, news, trends and keep up with their contacts via social media.

3. One of the best Geneva attractions is the Flower Clock, located in English Gardens. This was first built in 1955 and is an ode to the watch industry, of which Geneva sets the standard.

4. Geneva, located in the western part of the country, is the Gateway to the Alps where skiing, hiking and breathtaking scenery await locals and visitors alike.

5. Geneva Switzerland Facts include the fact that French is the predominant language spoken and the Swiss Franc and the Euro are the currencies accepted.

6. There is never a shortage of things to do in Geneva as the city has a history that dates back more than four thousand years. There are monuments, many museums and dazzling architecture to take in, not to mention the many gardens and botanic sites throughout the green city where nature walks and marvelous views abound.

7. With Switzerland being politically neutral, it is no wonder that Geneva Switzerland facts would include that the city is home to the headquarters of the European branch of the United Nations, the European branch of the International Red Cross and the World Health Organization.

8. With 40% of its residents coming from outside of Switzerland, Geneva is the most international city in the world.

9. Hotels in Geneva Switzerland cater to any budget and come in all shapes and sizes, although it is one of the most expensive cities in the world, Geneva is also included on many Best Places To Live lists each year.

10. A great Switzerland tourist attraction, the Jet d’eau is one of the world’s tallest water fountains, and one of many fountains that can be found in the country.

As far as Geneva Switzerland facts go, there is one more worth a mention: the city boasts the shortest commuting time of any major city in the world. Geneva is a cosmopolitan city with flair, charm and sophistication to spare, and, it would seem a very efficient road system!