Top 10 Most Interesting Golden Gate Bridge Facts

Golden Gate Bridge FactsIf you are planning to take your out of town friends or relatives on a Golden Gate Bridge tour you certainly need to know some Top 10 interesting Golden Gate Bridge facts.

1. The Golden Gate Bridge stretches 4,200 feet to connect Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay.

2. According to most well known Golden Gate Bridge facts the construction phase took 4 years resulting in whopping $27 million in construction costs.

3. Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge is a very sturdy construction designed to withstand 8 point earthquakes and up to 90 mph gusty winds? That makes one strong bridge!

4. Centered among the post popular San Francisco tourist attractions the Golden Gate Bridge holds some of the most interesting facts in its cinematographic history. Did you know that this famous San Francisco attraction was featured in a famous James Bond movie A View to a Kill. The Golden Bridge became a backdrop for some of the most thrilling fighting and helicopter rescue scenes.

5. According to Golden Gate Bridge facts, Irving Morrow was an architect who helped design the bridge and specifically picked distinct orange color to help the Bridge fit into its surrounding landscapes. Joseph Baerman Strauss was the main engineer for the Bridge project.

6. Over the years of its existence the toll cost to pass across this world’s famous bridge went from being 50 cents to $6.00 currently.

7. Golden Gate Bridge boasts a hard working history and was closed only a few times since the 1930’s due to bad weather and visits of important political figures which is quite impressive.

8. Visiting the Bridge is rated among top fun things to do in San Francisco. In fact, according to our Golden Bridge facts a lot of people come here with older children to marvel at how this engineering masterpiece was constructed. Children also enjoy watching many sailboats and ships pass by.

9. The Golden Gate Bridge is undoubtedly the symbol of San Francisco and the most photographed attraction in the city.

10. The best ways of exploring this San Francisco attraction is by booking bike Golden Gate Bridge tours or simply walking on it to appreciate its true beauty. Walking is only reserved for the east side of the bridge.