Top 10 Most Interesting Mount Fitz Roy facts

Mount Fitz RoyMount Fitz Roy is a spectacular mountain in southern Argentina and because of its exquisite shape and location it is widely considered AS one of the best Argentina tourist attractions, although it is not one for the faint of heart. Here are 10 facts that you may not know about Mount Fitz Roy:

1. The mountain is also known by other monikers like Cerro Chalten and Cerro Fitz Roy, the former because it translates to “Smoking Mountain” which is what it looks like draped in clouds.

2. The shape and size of Mount Fitz Roy make it quite the landmark in Argentina, towering an impressive 3,359 meters into the sky, although she is only half the size of the mountains in the Himalayans, she is way more difficult to climb.

3. It is located in the Los Glacieres National Park in the Patagonian Ice Field, on the Argentinian border with Chile.

4. The mountain was first climbed back in 1952 by a pair of Frenchmen. It ranks as one of the most challenging mountains in the world to climb to this day.

5. Mount Fitz Roy was named in honor of Robert Fitz Roy, the captain of the famous HMS Beagle, the ship Charles Darwin used in his explorations. The captain first saw the mountain as he sailed up the coast, its towering cloud enshrouded peaks piercing the sky, never thinking that one day it would be named after him.

6. Its sheer granite faces make it difficult to climb, and difficult even for snow to settle on them, that is why the peaks look so clean in contrast to the lower peaks that surround it.

7. The weather is unsettled, inclement and sometimes treacherous in the area.

8. When the rising sun hits the peaks, they turn a rosy hue which makes for spectacular photographs.

9. Tours of the area include climbing and trekking tours and are part of Patagonia tours that are popular with tourists to the region of ice and snow to the south.

10. The tiny village of El Chaten is the hiking capital of Argentina. This resort village is the starting point to treks and hikes affording stunning views of Mount Fitz Roy and the other spectacular formations in the range.

If travel to Argentina takes you to the southern end of the country, this mountain and the park where it can be found make for a glorious day trip, or longer if you participate in a trek, some of which last for many days but take you on a trip of a lifetime. Some hikers will want to get to the mountain in a few hours, while others will want to experience the thrill of trying to climb it for themselves, whatever you choose you won’t be disappointed in the amazing display of Mother Nature’s beauty.