Top 10 Most Interesting St Lucia Facts

St Lucia FactsSt. Lucia facts vary greatly and include tidbits of all kinds of information, beginning with the long history dating back to 1000 BC. Their native residents were called Arawaks and they reigned unchallenged until 800 AD.

The top 10 St. Lucia facts are revealed below:

1. The most important of all St. Lucia facts is that Christopher Columbus did not, in fact, discover this island. While it is true that the island was along the route this world-famous explorer sailed, it is not credited to him. After the true native residents, the Arawak Indians had been defeated by the Hewanorra and Iouanalao Indians, it was not until 1550 that Francois le Clerc made his settlement at Pigeon Island.

2. Using a St. Lucia travel guide is necessary for first-time visitors. This extraordinarily beautiful island is difficult to reach for those living in the US even though there are plenty of flights available. This is because of where and how the island is situated. For Europeans it is a lot easier.

3. Over 80% of the popular St. Lucia packages are cruise-based. Flying in can be somewhat tricky because there is only one major airport that accepts large, commercial airplanes. You can charter airplanes, but the arrival and departure tax is higher than for those who fly commercially.

4. The Southern Caribbean cruise deals are always a better value for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere. Discounts are available year round because the weather is consistently warm. It never drops below 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. A St. Lucia honeymoon makes this island a major tourist attraction. It is best suited for those who want fine dining, breathtaking views and scenery, pristine beach resorts and relaxing spas. Tourism comprises 75% of the island’s economy.

6. While there are many things to do in St. Lucia, those looking for casinos may be a little disappointed. There is only one casino, called Treasure Bay. It is often overcrowded.

7. Private, beach life on St. Lucia is actually not as prevalent as many of the surrounding islands in the Caribbean. This is because of one of the lesser known St. Lucia facts, which explains how the beaches are not very long on this island, there are in fact, more inlets and coves. Those areas with prominent beach real estate are located on the resorts.

8. When vacationing in St. Lucia, it is essential that you understand several important facts. Their currency is equal to $2.65 Eastern Caribbean Dollars for every $1 USD. In addition, credit cards are encouraged. The St. Lucian’s frown on public nudity and it is unlawful to do so.

9. Spending a day at Sulphur Springs Park guarantees visions of an active volcano vent that spews mountains of mud and as you drive through. Over thousands of years old, this is a very historical site to behold.

10. St. Lucia is home to one of the most remarkable distilleries, Roseau Valley, which is famous for producing more than 21 types of rum to sample or purchase. Located on Rodney Bay, it has stood in this location for decades.