Top 10 Most Terrifying Vatican City Facts

Vatican City FactsAccording to widely popularized Vatican City facts it’s the smallest sovereign country in the world that exists in the heart of Italy, Rome, which also stamps its own coins, has its own postal system and possesses its own military force, the Swiss Guards.

No vacation or trip to Italy can be successful without visiting the Vatican and paying a visit to the largest Catholic Church St. Peter’s Basilica located across one of the most famous piazzas in the world, St. Peter’s Square. Also, be sure not to miss out on the Vatican City museum, skip the lines by reserving Vatican Museum tickets online and enjoy the magnificent artistic collection.

When visiting Vatican City, visitors are bound to hear many of the Vatican City facts some that may be terrifying or even scandalous. Here we provide a list of top 10 facts that give you some shivers:

1. One of the most infamous Vatican City facts has to do with a female who lasted as a Pope for more than two years. It was later discovered that Pope Joan was in fact a woman dressed in men’s clothing who managed to fool many clergymen but after she delivered a child during a papal procession, the truth came out and her life ended very tragically.

2. Following the previous fact, it was believed that ever since Pope Joan scandalous events, Popes were being carried in special chairs with openings at the bottom in order to display their signs of manhood to cardinals and prevent future females disguising themselves as males.

3. One of the most surprising Vatican City facts is that Alexander VI fathered several children both before and after he bribed his way into becoming Pope in 1492 which coincidentally was the year Columbus discovered America. It is speculated that he may have also fathered Columbus.

4. Papal Swiss Guards have always amazed tourists by their bright and peculiar Renaissance style uniforms making lots of us suspect that there might be more gay among them than straight. However, in 1998 according to documented events there were in fact two gay lovers serving as Papal Swiss Guards.

5. One might be shocked to find out that Vatican City facts have it that this country has the highest crime rate per capita and most crimes go without punishment despite the heavy police and Swiss Guards presence. On the good side, most crimes are rather petty.

6. In 2010 the Vatican Bank was involved in money laundering allegations which is a rather serious crime for such a holly establishment.

7. That same year one of Pope Benedict’s own ushers were involved in a gay prostitution ring once again tainting the Vatican’s reputation.

8. As if money laundering, female Popes and gay prostitution were not enough to tarnish Vatican City’s public image, many true Catholics accuse top Vatican clergymen of doing nothing to prevent and stop sexual abuse of minors by priests across Europe.

9. Just another quite recent scandal leaked the press involving the arrest of Pope’s personal butler Paolo Gabriele for supplying Italian journalists with some of the most discriminating facts about the Papal aides.

10. Deep inside Vatican City walls lies its Secret Archival Library with over 50 miles of shelves piled with books, manuscripts and documents. Only Pope’s closest confidantes are allowed within its secret walls, who knows what other secrets and discoveries might be contained within its pages?

Visiting the Vatican City is definitely among the top things to do in Rome for many visitors along with learning amazing Sistine Chapel facts by heading to one of the most beautiful chapels in the world.