Top 10 Most Unusual Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas AttractionsLooking for crazy, downright wacky and totally off the beaten path experiences in the Sin City? Our top 10 guide will shed light on the most unusual Las Vegas attractions for truly adventurous spirits and adrenaline junkies.

1. Indoor Skydiving is not only among the hottest Las Vegas attractions for true thrill seekers, it’s also rated to be one of many things to do in Las Vegas during the day while you reserve the nights exclusively for exciting shows and bar hopping. Guests are soaring indoors with the help of their special oversized jumping suits and machines creating wind tunnels from underneath.

2. Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas is a National Conservation area that hosts over a million visitors annually. Opposed to busy metropolitan Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon presents a primal barren landscape consisting of red cliffs, rock formations and surprisingly abundant fauna. Choose from hiking, rock climbing or horseback riding opportunities.

3. Bootleg Canyon Flightlines are sure to take your breath away during one of the exhilarating rides while being suspended over 1000 feet off the ground. Aerial ziplines are a unique way to view the beauty of the surrounding southwestern landscapes.

4. The Bodies Exhibition has to be one of the wackiest Las Vegas must see attractions everyone is raving about. Where else can you see an extensive collection of real human body organ specimens and learn many previously unknown to you facts how our bodies operate. A smoker’s lung is one of the most terrifying exhibits proving one more time that smoking is bad for you.

5. Atomic Testing Museum is one of the most unique among Las Vegas attractions showcasing real equipment, gadgets and items used in a former Nevada Testing Site that was once situated 65 miles from Las Vegas and carried out over 900 nuclear tests during a 40 year period from the 1950’s through the 1990’s.

6. White Water Rafting might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Las Vegas. For adrenaline junkies at heart, book one of Colorado River white water rafting tours and enjoy the ride through the Diamond Creek followed by an exciting trip down Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

7. Valley of Fire Dune Buggy Tour is one of the most unusual Las Vegas attractions to say the least. Off-road riding set against a backdrop of desert and red rock formations are exhilarating and refreshing and give you a chance to spot desert wildlife.

8. Show in the Sky at the Rio Hotel is not just an ordinary music show but one of the best and most unusual things to do in Las Vegas for free. You can watch how music videos are created for no fee and for a small price you can get into a show costume and become part of the experience.

9. Dinner in the Sky is a dinner service you will never forget. If you dare, get into racing car-like dinner chairs set around a giant table with 22 other thrill seeking diners and get ready to be lifted almost 200 feet off the ground by a crane. This Las Vegas attraction is not for a weak at heart but is certainly worth it if you would like to do something unusual in Vegas.

10. Cloud Nine Balloon Experience is something you can only have in Vegas. Cloud Nine balloon lets its guests soar almost 500 feet into the sky while staying safe in a giant floating gondola that seats 30 people. No need to worry since the balloon is tightly affixed to the ground by steel cables so it is an unusual and a very safe venture to try.