Top 10 Most Unusual Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

Tourist Attractions In Los AngelesBelieve us when we say, there are no shortage of unusual tourist attractions in Los Angeles. They are almost around every corner, so keep a look out when you get there. Make sure to visit all the ones on our list while you’re there.

1. Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Ever seriously thought how fun watching a scary movie in a cemetery would be? Well you can find out if you visit the Cinepia Cemetery Screenings. When it comes to strange Hollywood tourist attractions, this made the top of the list. Some say it makes for a great first date, so add it to your list of Los Angeles nightlife hot spots.

2. Museum of Death – Yes, it is just as gory as it sounds. A walking tour anthology of the phases of death that the human body transitions into over periods of time. If you can get through it and not upchuck your lunch, you find that the museum is very interesting.

3. Museum of Jurassic Technology – As if sitting through Jurassic Park 1 and 2 weren’t enough, now you can go to another one of Los Angeles museums that is filled with the mechanical parts that made the motion picture jump off the big screen.

4. Zeppelin Tour – It’s a plane, no it’s Superman, no actually it’s a Zeppelin (kinda like a blimp) and now you can splurge about $300 to ride in one. See things like the Southern California coastline and several Los Angeles landmarks.

5. Skeleton’s in the Closet – Now this one is just plain weird, but true. If you happen to be driving by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, you might want to stop in and walk around their gift shop. Yes, they have a gift shop and they sell everything from body bags to chalk outlined beach towels and crime scene tape. Surprisingly, this is one of the most popular Los Angeles attractions.

6. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – Here you’ll see some of the most unusual tourist attractions in Los Angeles. It is full of unbelievable exhibits that will make you question their validity. You will also learn several interesting facts in general.

7. LA Derby Dolls – We are sure you have not seen anything like it, warrior female skaters in an indoor wood and steel war zone playing rough.

8. Magic Castle – A member’s only private club that calls a macabre castle home, where adults like to play tricks on each other and call it magic. Now if this isn’t unusual tourist attractions in Los Angeles, we don’t know what is.

9. Dining In the Dark – This isn’t for the picky eater. It is an eatery where you dine blindfolded. You are served an assortment of gourmet cuisine that is supposed to awaken your senses and sensibilities to a new culinary experience.

10. Amazing Santa Monica Race – If you have ever seen the television show, then you should prepare to be one of those people running around rogue through the streets of Santa Monica, looking for a needle in a hay stack and racing back to be the first on the finish mat.

The sky is the limit when it comes to locating unusual tourist attractions in Los Angeles. With so many at your disposal, the hard part will be in just picking one.