Top 10 Must-See Things in The State Hermitage St Petersburg

Hermitage, St Petersburg1. Main Staircase – The main staircase is one of the most popular attractions in the museum. The Hermitage is one of the top St Petersburg, Russia attractions and visitors to the city frequently ask about the museum and this staircase.

2. Malachite Room – This room in the Hermitage, St Petersburg is exquisite, and will make you catch your breath. Malachite columns and decorations, as well as wall paintings and gold decorations make this room a must see.

3. Peter’s Room – This room, also called the Small Throne Room, is dedicated to Peter the Great. You can view the throne and footstool used by this ruler, as well as artwork depicting him and other terrific memorabilia.

4. Armory Hall – This hall in the Hermitage St Petersburg was created for grandeur, and intended to be used for receptions. Columns, beautiful chandeliers and doors, and unusual warrior statues are all features of this hall.

5. Golden Budoir Room – Gold, red, and white are the colors used in this budoir, and it is elaborately decorated and lavishly furnished. This room at the Hermitage St Petersburg was created for an Empress, and one look shows that this room is fit for that purpose.

6. Giant Statues of Atlantes – Made from granite, the giant statue of Atlantes at the Old Hermitage building entrance is a must see. This statue is massive, and shows incredible skill and talent.

7. Knights Room – People come from all over the world to stay in St Petersburg, Russia hotels and visit the State Hermitage. The Knights Room is one of the most popular attractions, and this room showcases armor and coat of arms through Russian history.

8. Giant Jasper Vase – The Giant Jasper vase is the biggest single piece of jasper in the world, and is an awe inspiring piece. This huge vase trumps any similar type of artifact found not only at the Hermitage, St Petersburg, but any other museum in the world.

9. Leonardo da Vinci Room – This room features two original masterpieces by Leonardo, the Madonna Litta and Madonna Benois. These two paintings are one of the top reasons that many visitors come to the Hermitage St Petersburg.

10. Peacock Clock – In Pavilion Hall you will find the Peacock clock, a one of a kind piece of art that is spectacular. Created in the 17th century, this clock is large and elaborate, with gold and gemstones.

Main Building of The State Hermitage Museum is the magnificent Winter Palace designed by Bartolommeo Rastrelli who also designed Catherine Palace located in the suburb of St Petersburg – Pushkin. The Grand Hotel Europe, St Petersburg is just a short walking distance from the museum, and is one of the top places to stay in the city.