Top 10 Natural Argentina Tourist Attractions

Argentina Tourist AttractionsWhile visiting Argentina, there are many wonderful tourist attractions to choose from. Argentina is a country that is steeped in history and culture. A great way to see some of this history and culture is to find Argentina travel packages that include visits to some of the more natural Argentina tourist attractions. Here, we have a list of the top ten natural Argentina tourist attractions.

1. Cuyo – Located at the foot of the Andes, this is a prime example of wild nature as it is only accessible by horse, donkey or by foot. Visitors may enjoy trekking, paragliding and rafting.

2. Ibera Natural Reserve – This is a protected reserve that is home to over 400 species of birds and animals including alligators and coati.

3. Iguazu Falls – Located on the beautiful Iguazu River, the altitude is about 70 meters above sea level. These falls contain a total of about 275 waterfalls. The main falls are named, Mitre, Belgrano, Tres Mosqueteros which means Three Musketeers.

4. Humahuaco Gorge – Located in Northwest Argentina, visitors will fall in love with the landscape and archaeological beauty. The Rio Grande travels through the center of the gorge and is a truly magnificent site.

5. Valdes Peninsula – This was discovered in 1520 by Fernando de Magallanes. Observers may watch the beautiful whales, seals, sea lions and penguins.

6. The Pampas – Translated to a plain without trees, this is home to thousands of cattle annually. It is a sight to see them among the grassy horizons.

7. Los Glaciers National Park – This is one of the biggest ice caps in the Andes as well as on of the most famous landmarks in Argentina. This ice cap feeds 47 glaciers including Marconi, Viedma and Moyano.

8. Lake Nahuel Huapi – Beautiful lakes and rivers are carved from ancient glaciers, mountains, valleys and meadows. This is spread over 2,927 square miles and is an ideal place to visit for nature lovers.

9. Ischigualasto – Valle de la Luna – Also known as Moon Valley this is a great exhibition of the history of the earth. Visitors will be awe struck by the beauty of the variety of hues, shapes and different layers of mineral and sediments. Many of the natural rock formations are named, such as “The Worm”, “Painted Valley”, and “The Sphinx”.

10. Patagonia – Also known as the Gateway to Antarctica, tourists can enjoy hiking, driving and sightseeing without running into anyone else. There are beautiful lakes and meadowlands to enjoy a picnic and relax while you watch the penguins meander about.

Whether you are looking for fun things to do in Buenos Aires or searching for the famous wineries in Argentina, you should definitely make time to visit some of these natural Argentina tourist attractions.