Top 10 Netherlands Tourist Attractions

Netherlands Tourist AttractionsNetherlands is a European country known for its great cultural presence, flat landscapes which are ideal to be explored by bicycles easily rented virtually in any city, picturesque windmills, flourishing tulip flower industry and awesome tourist attractions sprinkled all over its densely populated lands. The country is also boasting a massive network of canals which could be explored by taking canal cruises, one of the most popular Netherlands tourist attractions.

1. Amsterdam Canals – The tribute to Dutch Golden Age, today Amsterdam Canals are one of the top Netherlands tourist attractions visited by millions of visitors every year. The intricate system of canals serves as excellent waterway to get from one part of the city to the other, cargo transportation but, most importantly, to control flood levels, since Amsterdam is among the most watery cities in Europe. Boarding an Amsterdam cruising ship is a great way to see magnificent historical architecture, listen to a guided tour of the city and experience romantic candle lit dinner at night. Over 60 miles of incredible canals are awaiting its visitors in the capital of Netherlands.

2. Amsterdam Museums – No other European city comes even close to the Amsterdam’s assortment of museums, galleries and cultural landmarks densely packed on its miniscule territory. Rijksmuseum tops the list of almost 50 interesting museums of Amsterdam offering some of the most impressive collections of Dutch and international artwork. Among Dutch masterpieces you will find works of Rembrandt, Jan Steen, Vermeer and van Dyck. Vincent Van Gogh Museum boasts one of the largest in the world collections of this post impressionist painter. Contemporary art fans will be delighted to visit Stedelijk Museum displaying paintings and multidimensional work of modern artists.

3. Adult Only Amsterdam Tourist Attractions – Known for its liberal views on love and sex, Amsterdam offers a plethora of landmarks to visit for mature audience. When the sun goes down, Amsterdam Red Light District comes to life with its edgy adult entertainment scene offering adult shops, peep shows and notorious workers of love offering all sorts of pleasures for sale. Amsterdam Sex Museum located in the busy downtown area is nothing short of amazing for true fans of erotica presenting historical artifacts from the days long gone, wax figures of famous historical lovers, works of art portraying peculiar scenes and so much more.

4. Rotterdam Oude Haven – Unlike Amsterdam, this uber modern city and second busiest sea port in the world offers a great deal of Rotterdam attractions including its Oude Haven historical port. Here visitors love strolling at the seaside promenade and marveling at an impressive collection of historical ships. During WWII the second largest city in the country sustained massive damage but it came back from the ruins with double vengeance and experienced incredible post war modernist architectural growth. During the day visitors frequent a handful of really good museums like Museum Boijmans van Beuningen with its finest Dutch paintings, Nederlands Fotomuseum boasting top notch photography displays and Ooorlogs Verzets Museum depicting horrifying events of WWII bombings that virtually destroyed all architectural heritage of the 16-17th century in the city. At night the ultimate party city of Netherlands is coming to life with an array of late night eats, spirits and dancing.

5. Delft City Hall – This traditional Dutch city located in the western portion of the country provides tourists with an intimate journey into the heart of Old World Netherlands. The City Hall is Delft’s iconic draw located on the central Market Square in close proximity to another famous landmark, the New Church. Along with the Old Church, an intricate system of canals, architecture, museums and annual music festivals, Delft is among lovely Netherlands tourist attractions to visit. Additionally, most Netherlands traditional blue and white pottery originated from Royal Delft Factories. To learn how the famous earthenware was created, to see rare pieces and try your hand at making something, you can visit Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, one of the only factories that survived the turmoil of history.

6. Maastricht The Oldest City in Netherlands – Located within a biking distance from Belgium and Germany, this lovely medieval city offers a plethora of Netherlands tourist attractions to keep you coming for more. Its cobblestone streets, cathedrals, medieval architecture, traditional Dutch cuisine are just a few reasons to spend your next vacation in Maastricht. City Center packs a myriad of attractions, including the Markt, Town Hall, St Jan’s Cathedral and so much more. The Bonnefantenmuseum is an excellent place to see works of famous Flemish artists of the 16th – 17th centuries along with international contemporary collections.

7. Scheveningen Seaside Resort – Located in a small seaside town of Utrecht, Scheveningen is Netherland’s most popular North Sea resort boasting great sandy beaches, surfing, and a plethora of annual events and plenty of seaside fun. Among premier Hague attractions you will find four distinctly different beaches offering unique amenities and attractions. From Boulevard Beach with its beautiful pier lined with delectable restaurants, shopping and entertainment establishments, to less crowded Harbour beach ideal for water sports lovers, to Northern Beach where party does not stop day or night, you will find the one to suit your needs. Should you be interested to visit the only Nude Beach in Scheveningen, please remember to not use any recording devices there.

8. Dom Tower and Cathedral of Utrecht – Utrecht City is one of country’s oldest city’s laced with splendid canals, bike paths and historical attractions like one of Europe’s best medieval Gothic style cathedrals. It’s among top Utrecht attractions gathering many crowds of tourists willing to climb over 400 steps to survey magnificent views of this historical city and its surroundings.

9. Keukenhof Gardens – Simply a perfect place to visit in the springtime located in the South of the country in a small place called Lisse. The Garden of Europe is perhaps the largest flower garden on the planet annually planting over 7 million flower bulbs of tulips, daffodils, roses, chrysanthemums and hyacinths. Various garden designs are presented throughout the Keukenhof Gardens in the best Japanese, British and other landscape traditions from around the world. Get ready to be overwhelmed by a full color spectrum of flower galore and once you grow weary, catch your breath at a number of cafes or restaurants nearby. Here you can also order various tulip bulbs from a catalog that will be shipped sometime during early fall unless you are visiting late summer that’s when most tulip bulb varieties are dug up for sale.

10. Zaanse Schans – For those tourists looking for uniquely Netherlands tourist attractions, rest assured you will find them here, in this quaint village located on the banks of the Zaan River. Doll like green houses are neatly placed along the River surrounding real working mills of all sorts, one of the iconic symbols of the country. Tourists are welcome to explore what’s grinding at one of the many mills in the village, paint pigments for paint, peanuts for oil, sawmill for lumber and . It could become one of the best day trips from Amsterdam which is located within a 50 minute car ride from Amsterdam.