Top 10 New Zealand Tourist Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

New Zealand Tourist AttractionsYour first trip to see all of the major New Zealand tourist attractions can be a difficult planning experience. You probably don’t know the area very well and you can get overwhelmed once you land because the locals may recommend some sights that your itinerary does not include.

To avoid this issue and ensure that you see as many of the New Zealand tourist attractions as possible, take some time to explore the area using the Internet as your guide.

If that does not work for you, just review the top 10 New Zealand tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss for great tips and ideas.

1. Go whale watching – This is a topper for the New Zealand tourist attractions because it is literally a once in a lifetime experience. Not only will you spot whales, but also seals, dolphins and all types of birds too.

2. Fiordland National Park – The larges in New Zealand, filled with waterfalls, wildlife, pristine lakes, valleys and superb mountains.

3. Waitomo Caves – This is one of the most travelled tourist attractions because of the unbelievable design. You also have an opportunity to see the glowworms up close.

4. Travel to Edoras – This is home to the Lord of the Rings filming locations, including the Misty Mountains and Helms Deep.

5. See the various Rotorua attractions – Spend time at the Waimangu Volcanic Valley and the geysers, then, visit Waikite Valley and the thermal pools.

6. Tongariro National Park – New Zealand’s original national park, complete with herb fields, lakes, active volcanoes and plateaus, all in one area. You could spend months here and never see the same attractions twice.

7. Rakiura Track – This is on Stewart Island where nature has not changed much. In fact, it is so peaceful that you would think no one else has ventured here for a thousand years.

8. Zealandia – The birdwatchers paradise, where more than 100 kiwi’s live. You can also see frogs and glowworms.

9. Wairere Boulders – Perfect for climbers, because it is home to a massive boulder formation that beckons the thrill seekers.

10. Wildlife Valley Springs Park – Unlike other wildlife parks around the globe, you can actually pet baby lion cubs.