Top 10 Oahu Tourist Attractions

Oahu Tourist AttractionsOahu is full of amazing tourist attractions for every pocketbook or family member. Whether you are looking for a sense of adventure or something a little lower key, Oahu has something for everyone to enjoy. Below is a list of the top 10 Oahu tourist attractions available that are sure to cause enjoyment while on your Hawaiian vacation:

1. Swimming with dolphins in Oahu – Opportunity to swim with dolphins in Oahu is one of a kind adventure available throughout the island and provides fun and adventure for the entire family. The dolphins are lively and friendly providing hours of enjoyment in a safe atmosphere.

2. Humpback whale watching – Another exciting tourist attraction in Hawaii is humpback whale watching. Travel aboard a small boat and head out into the sea. An experience guide will take you to the right destination to witness these magnificent creatures.

3. Byodo-In temple – Byodo-In temple in the Valley of Temples welcomes people of all faiths and denominations to worship, meditate or simply appreciate the beauty of this tranquil and serene place.

4. Participate in a traditional Luau Feast – This is one of the Oahu tourist attractions that you and your family will not want to miss. Experience local culture and great food.

5. Visit Pearl Harbor – While in Oahu you will not want to miss a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.

6. Volcano tours from Oahu – Full of adventure and excitement when you witness lava flowing and steam spraying from a magnificent volcano. If you planning to participate in one of the volcano tours from Oahu you should know you have to fly to Big Island first.

7. Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center – One of the most popular Oahu tourist attractions, the Polynesian Center offers a visit to eight villages showcasing Polynesian culture.

8. Oahu sunset dinner cruise – Hop aboard a beautiful ocean liner and enjoy a lobster and prime rib dinner.

9. Oahu Atlantis submarine adventure – Take part in one of the most exciting Oahu tourist attractions when you dive below the ocean’s service for a ride of a lifetime.

10. Hanauma Bay snorkeling – This snorkeling adventure is one of the top rated Hawaii tourist attractions available. Get there early (before 6 am would do the trick) to avoid hordes of tourists.