Top 10 Osaka Castle Facts

Osaka Castle Facts1. One of the top Osaka Castle facts is that this castle is one of the most famous Japanese castles, and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. It is the most popular out of all the Osaka attractions, because of the additional structures and the beautifully preserved history.

2. All of the Japan tours which visit the Kyoto region usually include a stop at this castle, and it is well known throughout the world.

3. Osaka Castle was started in the year 1583, and was the dream of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It includes three underground floors and five floors above the ground, and has been preserved and renovated through the years.

4. Osaka Castle Park offers more than just the castle. There are a total of fifteen structures that have historical significance, including temples and shrines, as well as acres of gardens and beautiful landscaping to explore.

5. The walls of Osaka Castle were reinforced in 1620 and still stand today. These walls consist of interlocking stones with no mortar or cement, and some still have inscriptions from the 1600s when the blocks were placed.

6. The Osaka Castle Hotel offers one hundred and twenty rooms and eight floors, along with fantastic views of the castle and the Osaka River. The hotel offers modern amenities with a historic charm.

7. During the spring the hotels in Osaka fill with visitors for the cherry blossoms. The castle lawns are full of food vendors, and other merchants offer trinkets and other items for sale.

8. The year that Osaka Castle was finally finished, in 1597, the original owner died, and the castle was inherited by his son Toyotomi Hideyori.

9. Although not as old as Himeji Castle, the castle at Okasa has tours available from Kyoto as well the city of Okasa. Many visitors choose to see both castles, and they are each historically significant and unique.

10. Osaka Castle has undergone a number of renovations and repairs through the centuries. In 1660 severe damage was done, but this has been repaired. The most recent work on the castle was completed in 1997.