Top 10 Phuket Nightlife Hot Spots

Phuket NightlifeBangkok is known for having some incredible entertainment and Phuket nightlife ranks among the highest, with hot spots all over town. It doesn’t matter if you prefer bars, clubs or a little bit of both, you are certain to enjoy yourself once the sun goes down in this spectacular city.

The top 10 Phuket nightlife hotspots are right below, in order from 1 to 10, 10 being the most popular:

1. Soi Bangla – This tops the list of Phuket nightlife hot spots because of the variety and diversity. You will literally see just about everything in this one location. This is a lively zone filled with non-stop parties complete with beer, booze and all kinds of music.

2. Banana Disco – Located on Beach road, this is one of the best Phuket nightlife discos that always draw a crowd. After midnight is when the disco really comes alive and they crank up the house music until dawn.

3. Baya Beach Night Club – This club is one of the first Phuket nightlife attractions where they party all night long. You can’t help but spot the entrance, with balloons strewn all over and the girls, brightly colored in 1990s gear. It is legendary.

4. Hollywood Disco – One of the things to do in Phuket is to spend a night here and perhaps win a few prizes, like a brand new television or even a motorcycle. Arrive after midnight for an extra special treat, which often includes spotting celebrities.

5. Karon Beach Resort – In Phuket, this resort offers the rare opportunity to dine directly on the beach. Dinner is available until 11:30 pm which makes this a great way to enjoy your evening outside of the trendy bars and clubs.

6. PALAZZO Theater and Restaurant – This is dinner and a show that includes hours of entertainment featuring music, acrobats, magicians and singers on stage. Additionally, there is a 5-course, gourmet dinner included. Unfortunately you won’t find this attraction included in any Thailand travel packages. You have to purchase your tickets once you arrive.

7. CC Bloom’s – This is similar to the Phuket resorts you will find throughout Thailand, except it is on an escalated scale and provides you with room, board and an exciting nightlife. During the day, you can lounge on the beach overlooking Andaman Sea and at night, you can dine in the restaurant and have drinks at Sunset Bar. The view of the ocean gives you a once in a lifetime experience.

8. @9 – A laid back café and art house in one. This is where people come to admire beautiful works of art over coffee or even beer. There are drawings, sketches and paintings all over and most are available for purchase.

9. Aek-Ka-Nek – Perfect for those who want a bit of seclusion, but still want the chance to listen to great, live music. The hours are from 7:30pm to 1:00 am and it’s never over crowded.

10. Rockin’ Angels – A sweet and artsy bar where folks come to chill out, drink and listen to nostalgic music like the Beatles and The Who.