Top 10 Places For Humpback Whale Watching on Hawaii Islands

Humpback Whale WatchingHumpback whale watching around the Hawaiian Islands is one of the most popular activities when visiting this unique area. It is important to know where to go in order to effectively increase your odds of seeing one of these majestic creatures.

Below is a list of the top 10 places for seeing humpbacks in their natural habitat:

1. Traveling east along the Kalaniana’ole Highway to Makapu’u Point will take tourist to the popular viewing point of Makapu’u Lighthouse in Oahu. Dolphin and whale watching are among the activities at this Hawaiian location.

2. Not far from the Koko Marina is the Hanauma Bay entrance and great location for humpback whale watching.

3. Known as Halona Blowhole, this dolphin and whale watching destination is located at the second lookout past the Hanauma Bay in Oahu.

4. The Oahu destination of Diamond Head Scenic Lookout is one of the most popular Hawaii tourist attractions and provides an excellent view point for whales because of its elevation.

5. The Sanctuary Education Center on Kihei Road in Maui is a great location for whale watching. Visiting the onsite education center adds a nice touch to this area attraction.

6. Near the mile marker eight along Hono-a-Pi’iliani Highway is a prime location for humpback whale watching known as Papawai Point, Maui.

7. The Lapakahi State Historical Park in Hawaii is a cultural and historical park that should not be missed when you visit Hawaii. The area is hot but with an umbrella and bottled water, tourists can take in the wonderful views.

8. Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge in Kaua’i is another great spot for humpback whale watching. There is a large observation area at this location.

9. Kapa’a Overlook in Kaua’i is a small but good location to view humpback whales and dolphins as well as the Kapa’a reef.

10. The Kapa’a Beach Park provides excellent viewing of dolphins and whales. There are covered picnic pavilions and inviting hiking trails.

The Hawaiian Islands provides adventure and excitement when taking advantage of the most popular activity in the area. Humpback whale watching activity will keep you coming back for more. There is also a unique opportunity to choose swimming with dolphins in Hawaii with one of the tour operators.