Top 10 Places For Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in NepalNepal trekking tours are perhaps the best tours of their kind offering a myriad of attractions for true nature connoisseurs seeking excitement, stunning mountain views and exhilarating climbing experiences.

In addition, trekking in Nepal can give you a chance for spiritual exploration introducing you into Himalayan Buddhist culture and the unique nation of Sherpas who have been successfully inhabiting high altitude regions for many generations.

Read on to learn more about top 10 places for trekking in Nepal:

1. Langtang Trek is perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable among Nepal treks taking you through the picturesque Langtang Valley. This particular trekking in Nepal adventure will take 9 days to complete walking about 4-5 hours daily. You will be able to trek through Langtang forests passing yak pastures and ending up in the Tibetan village of Langtang. Beware of the yaks as they might get aggressive and were known to push trekkers off the steep slopes. Stay safe and keep away from cliff edges.

2. Annapurna Trek to its base camp is a spectacular 14 day adventure taking you through principal peaks of the Annapurna Himal such as Hiunchuli, Fang, Annapurna South and many more. This Nepal trek will introduce you to multiple climates, ecosystems and cultures along the way. The highlight of the trek is reaching a gigantic gorge between Hiunchuli and the Fish Tail (Machhepuchare) peaks following through dense bamboo forests into the Modi Kola river valley. This area is best known under Annapurna Sanctuary name and remains one of the most popular Nepal trekking tours.

Annapurna Royal Trek3. Annapurna Royal Trek is the shortest and sweetest of all Nepal taking tours taking mere 9 days and not requiring any particular fitness levels. This became pretty famous in the 1980’s when England’s own Prince Charles made this trip. This Nepal trek is perfect for people who can not spend a lot of days trekking and simply want a relaxing and easy vacation surrounded by stunning mountain sceneries while being immersed in alluring local culture and lifestyles. Trekking in Nepal will allow visitors to see many of the different mountainous peaks of the Himalayas. You don’t have to be experienced at mountain trekking in order to enjoy the Annapurna Royal trek. This trip usually lasts several days. There are no villages or accommodations so the best course of action is to book a guided trekking group. You will see majestic mountain views as well as colorful fauna and soaring eagles.

4. Everest Base Camp Trek is an experience of a lifetime enabling you to view the tallest mountain on Earth. Without a doubt this 17 day adventure will stay in your hearts forever as it is definitely a journey off the beaten path. The lengthy duration is necessary to get acclimatized to high altitude changes warding off many unpleasant illnesses. The trek will not only offer you the most stunning views of the glaciers, mountains and valleys, it will also introduce you into the lives of amazing people of Sherpas. They have inhabited this mountain region for generations miraculously adjusting to harsh high altitude conditions.

Rara Lake Trek5. Rara Lake Trek will take your through spectacular National Park that is home to many rare species of animals like Himalayan black bear, red panda, wild boar, snow leopard, black panther and numerous kinds of birds and smaller animals. The highlight of this amazing 16 day trek is reaching the Rara Lake located at an altitude of almost 3,000 m. Trekkers can enjoy the remote wilderness of Western Nepal while enjoying the adventure of the Rara Lake trek. Trekkers can enjoy the views of Rara Lake which is Nepal’s largest lake measuring at 3062 meters. This is a picturesque high altitude lake that is surrounded by gorgeous alpine meadows and pine forests complete with Juniper and Spruce. Participating in the Rara Lake Trek is truly a once in a lifetime experience and shouldn’t be missed if visiting Nepal and the Himalayas.

Mustang Trek6. Mustang Trek or “Forbidden Kingdom” is like stepping back in time. The trek was open to westerners only back in 1992 holding a lot of mysteries for you to uncover. The Mustang trek is located in the North Central part of the country in Nepal, just bordering Tibet. The Mustang area presents Tibet culturally and geographically more than it does Nepal due to Chinese occupation. The trek permits are being issued under strict surveillance from the Nepal Department of Immigration in the attempts to preserve the cultural and ethnic heritage of the region from the western influence. While enjoying the Mustang trek, trekkers can enjoy the views of the Kali Gandaki River which is known to have served as a major trade route between Tibet and India. In addition to the beautiful plateau landscapes, the Mustang trek offers the opportunity to enjoy traditional Nepal culture. There are many trekking companies that offer the Mustang trek as part of their itineraries. During this 15 day journey you will encounter bare mountain landscape, steep up and down rocky terrains and panoramic views of Nilgiri, Annapurna and many other peaks.

Manaslu Trek7. Manaslu Trek will take you to the 8th highest peak of the world area. Manaslu trek is definitely not a walk in the park and is considered one of the roughest and challenging treks in Nepal. Only the more experienced trekkers should attempt to make the Manaslu trek. You will have a rare opportunity to witness the untouched primal beauty of Nepal’s mountain scenery, rich cultural and historical heritage and introduction to different flora and fauna. Whoever chooses the Manaslu Trek will enjoy pure Himalayan beauty as well as the rich cultural experiences. There are many breathtaking Himalayan mountain views available during the Manaslu trek. While trekking through some of the villages, visitors will get a glimpse of the traditional Himalayan culture of the local population.

Dhaulagiri Trek8. Dhaulagiri Trek is only for well experienced or professional trekkers due to its demanding terrain and rough landscape. This 24-day challenging trek will take you beyond the beaten trekking paths most tourists take into the Nepal wilderness and remote villages. The trekking around Dhaulagiri region is very strenuous and requires additional climbing skills to get through some high passes. Along the way you will be rewarded by stunning sceneries of untouched beauty of Nepal. The Dhaulagiri trek is one of the more challenging treks as it is the seventh highest peak in the world rising above the Kali Gandaki River. During the Dhaulagiri Trek, you will enjoy magnificent views of many Himalayan Peaks as well as White Water Rivers. Many of the trekking guides will allow trekkers to camp on a glacier. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Lower Dolpo Trek9. Lower Dolpo Trek trekking in Nepal is unique in its kind providing you with an opportunity to tour some of the isolated areas of western Nepal. You will encounter charming locals who still practice Bon Po religion that had been widely spread in pre-Buddhist Nepal. While enjoying the Lower Dolpo trek, visitors will be able to experience traditional Himalayan culture as well as visit some traditional Buddhist Monasteries. Those enjoying the Lower Dolpo trek will be able to enjoy the magnificent views of Shey Phoksundo Lake as well as various rare and endangered species of wildlife as well as plants. The trek will take 25 days to experience the primal wilderness of Nepal and get through 3 major passes along the way, namely, Kagmara La, Baga La and Numa La.

Ghorepani Trek10. Ghorepani Trek 9-day trek is the best for novice trekkers introducing them to trekking in Nepal. The trek will elevate you to the highest point of 3200m and open up stunning panoramic views of Annapurna Himal and many other famous peaks in Nepal. The Ghorepani trek is a good trek whether you are a beginner or more experienced trekker. There are many adventure companies that offer trekking tours to enjoy. Trekkers will also enjoy the picturesque landscape of the beautiful fauna during their trip. In addition to the beautiful views may also experience traditional Gurung culture.

Discussing your Nepal vacation packages with your travel agent will help you get the most of Nepal treks for your money. Trekking in Nepal can run up a considerable sum of money if you consider expensive mountaineer gear, equipment, supplies and multiple permits and fees you will have to pay up front.