Top 10 Places To Visit In Arizona

Places To Visit In ArizonaThere are a variety of places to visit in Arizona, it’s not just a place to watch cactus grow. In fact, the entire state is filled with picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views all made from nature. These types of attractions bring people for miles around each year. Arizona also has exceptional weather which adds to the appeal; and it is home of one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

The Top 10 Places to Visit in Arizona are listed below:

1. Grand Canyon – One of the most popular things to do in Arizona is visit the Grand Canyon. There are several tours that begin at the Grand South Rim about 60 miles from Williams, Arizona. From here, you can take a mule ride, do a little hiking or camp in one of the many campgrounds.

2. The Phoenix Zoo – The Phoenix Zoo makes the list of top places to visit in Arizona because they have programs and events geared towards children and families and give you the opportunity to walk with the animals in their natural habitat.

3. Arizona Science Center – This facility has a number of interesting activities, like the IMAX Theater and Van Gogh exhibit.

4. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park – A wonderful place to slow down and enjoy the beauty of Arizona. The Mitten View Campground provides the most picturesque views of all other campsites in the state.

5. Lake Havasu – Arizona tourist attractions also consist of sandy beaches and pristine waterways. You can fish, hike and do off-roading as well as spend a day just boating and sailing.

6. Havasu Falls – Located on the Havasupai Reservation, these waterfalls are one two of the most spectacular ever seen.

7. Camelback Mountain – Known for hiking, this mountain receives over 300,000 tourists annually. Once at the top, the Valley of the Sun is exposed for all of its glory. The summit reaches 2700 feet.

8. Sea Life Aquarium – Over 5000 animals call this aquarium home and when visiting, you can see tropical fish, sea horses, sharks and stingrays.

9. Oak Creek Canyon – Located in Sedona, Arizona, is often considered a smaller version of the Grand Canyon and offers just as many scenic views.

10. Tombstone – Filled with old west history and home to one of the most infamous gunfight’s in the United States. A day spent here is filled with shopping, drinking in saloons and touring the famous Allen Street.

The best places to visit in Arizona are special because they are so different. There is literally something that appeals to everyone, no matter what age. The next time you start planning your vacation getaway, consider Arizona as your new destination.

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