Top 10 Places To Visit in Colorado

Colorado State located in the highly elevated area of the United States has always been synonymous for the best outdoor adventures no matter the season. Rocky Mountains set the center stage for some of the best in the world mountain skiing and snowboarding in winter, and during the rest of the year the State boasts shimmering lakes, lush valleys, mountainous slopes and rich soils perfect for growing grapes for wine making. So let’s discover the best places to visit in Colorado year round!

1. Denver – The picture perfect metropolis in Colorado packs a punch of the best tourist attractions to explore by day or night. The Mile High City is a perfect combination of an Old West city with artsy modern flair. By all means visit the State Capitol in Denver to witness an architecturally superb neoclassical building that is best explored by booking a tour. Museums are some of the best Denver tourist attractions such as Denver Art Museum, Children’s Museum and Museum of Science and History. For children there’s nothing better than saying hello to over 4,000 animals who call Denver Zoo their home. For true thrill seekers looking for the best amusement parks in Colorado, visiting Elitch Gardens theme park is going to be the highlight of their trip.

Colorado Springs2. Colorado Springs – Despite Denver’s impressive list of attractions and it being the capital of the State, a lot of visitors still choose Colorado Springs as their vacation destination. Garden of the Gods tops the lengthy list of Colorado Springs attractions because of its magnificent geological formations that look like sharp peaks jutting out of the ground. US Air Force Academy is another very important part of Colorado Springs, and you simply must include it for your next trip due to its high profile military status. Pikes Peak cog railway is among the most unique places to visit in Colorado to set you on one of the most amazing rides of a lifetime.

3. Rocky Mountain National Park – One of the premier high altitude National Parks in the country, perfect for mountain climbing and backpacking. It’s one of the quintessential landmarks that no visit to the state does without. Extremely diverse flora and fauna create a great setting for hiking that could be done by taking various routes based on difficulty levels. According to Rocky Mountain National Park facts, various permits might be necessary for campers and/or hikers, so call ahead to find out all the details.

4. Boulder – Take a visit to the liberal university town of Boulder packed with students, tourists and ski junkies to realize that you have arrived to one of the top places to visit in Colorado. Indeed, world class resorts, close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, great art galleries and incredible nightlife are what make this place so unique.

5. Breckenridge – Everything is all about skiing at America’s favorite skiing resort place, among the best places to visit in Colorado for true winter sports lovers. All sorts of skiing stores and ski equipment rentals line the Main Street in the city catering to thousands of skiers arriving daily to enjoy the best mountain skiing in the country. Surprisingly, the city also offers some really curious museums that might be of interest to visitors like Edwin Carter Museum, a historical insight into the Golden Rush era Colorado; Summit Ski Museum displaying the ski resort history throughout the years and Breckenridge Arts District presenting impressive downtown art scene.

6. Mesa Verde National Park – Known for being one of the driest desert areas in the State, Mesa Verde is also a world renowned archaeological site famous for its cliff dwellings or simply stone structure remains. To save you time and allow for the best learning experience, you are recommended to book a ranger guided tour to get up-close to park’s most well known mesas. For those visitors who prefer individual explorations, several hiking trails are available opening great archaeological remains for you to see.

7. Great Sand Dunes National Park – Among the most beautiful places to visit in Colorado featuring just another diverse element of State’s landscapes. Tall dunes create a perfect place to go sand boarding. Complete your experience by taking a dip at the Medano Creek or venturing on a variety of hiking, stargazing or horseback riding adventures.

8. Aspen – Call Aspen the Switzerland of Americas and you will not make a mistake, truly a premier destination for celebrities and otherwise wealthy citizens who love to ski and hang out around the historic downtown scenery. For those who want to step back in time and get a feel for the historical past of the former mining town, visiting the Ashcroft Ghost Town is a must. Here you will see what’s left of the glorious past of the silver mining town and get in touch with the history that helped shape Aspen. In Aspen you really don’t need any man made attractions since the scenic landscapes speak for themselves.

9. Gunnison National Park – Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is home to several unique ecosystems creating one geological wonder to explore after another. The best way to marvel at the iconic Gunnison River Canyon is taking a south rim drive opening spectacular views of the park. There are two main camping grounds and a wide system of hiking trails to suit every level of fitness expertise.

10. Colorado Wine Country – Have you heard about Colorado’s new vacation trend called wine tourism? If not, it’s time to explore what high altitudes can do to create rich soils that are so conducive to growing robust tasting grapes. Set on delectable family owned vineyards tastings and learn which foods pair best with Colorado Pinot Noir or Riesling. The best season for the best wine making places to visit in Colorado is definitely during the spring to see orchards bloom and taste new wines of the year.