Top 10 Places To Visit In Germany

Places To Visit In GermanyMost places to visit in Germany are filled with history and the rich culture of the people. Taking a trip to Germany will satisfy every sense in your body, from sight to smell, taste, touch and feel; this is because Germany has thousands of things to do and places to see.

The Top 10 places to visit in Germany are a blend of wonderful towns, parks and historical sites:

1. The Berlin Wall – Germany’s most famous tourist attraction because of the turmoil caused over decades. The Berlin Wall is now torn down and stands as a monument for freedom.

2. Munich – Home of the annual Munich Oktoberfest which is held between September 22 and October 7. It offers samples of the most delicious German beers in the world. Thousands come to visit Germany during this time of the year to spend time with locals while celebrating their national drink.

3. The Main Tower – One of the main Frankfurt, Germany attractions is located in the financial center and offers a five-star restaurant, unique shops and pure German culture, all wrapped in one of the most beautiful glass skyscrapers ever built.

4. The Romantic Road – Germany tourist attractions, like the Romantic Road retain much of the old-world feeling of the middle-ages. A tour along this route offers fantastic views of the lovely German villages and Gothic cathedrals.

5. The Rhine River – Rhine River cruises are also very popular because you can spend time on the waterways of Germany, Hungary, Austria and even the Netherlands. You can virtually visit all four areas in one day.

6. The Black Forest – Known for great scenery and local customs, the Black Forest is the heart of the German timber and wood industry. You can even find therapeutic bath houses and cuckoo clocks. Black Forest cake was also first created here so anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy sampling the treats.

7. Dachau – Because Germany is rich with history, no trip would be complete without a visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp. This was the first camp opened in Germany and was built on an abandoned factory.

8. Cologne Cathedral – This makes the list of places to visit in Germany because it houses many relics and sacred artifacts, including the famed remains of the Christmas Magi; or the three wise men. Those who made pilgrimages from region to region stopped at the Cologne Cathedral during their journey.

9. Neuschwanstein Castle – The Neuschwanstein Castle is overwhelming at first glance and is the most famous of the 25,000 castles in Germany. Once occupied by royalty now, serves as a museum, restaurant and hotel.

10. Augsburg – A historical landmark that was once one of the wealthiest districts in Germany during World War II. Now, this is a bustling hub of shopping and extraordinary nightlife.

Now that you see how many ways you can find places to visit in Germany, it’s time for you to put your plan into action. You will soon discover the many wonders and beauty that lie in this country.

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