Top 10 Places To Visit in Mumbai India

Places To Visit in MumbaiPreviously referred to as Bombay, Mumbai City in India is a financial heart of the country and the city that moves at groundbreaking speeds. If you are looking for places to visit in Mumbai, look no further than our article that will introduce you to some of the most amazing tourist places in India that Mumbai has to offer.

1. Gateway to India is one of the most important places to visit in Mumbai and perhaps could only be compared to the Triumphal Arch in Paris, France in its significance. The Gateway to India was initially built in 1911 to greet visitors arriving to India with its proud architectural design.

2. Built back in the 19th century, Flora Fountain is one of the main trademarks of Mumbai. It’s an impressive mixture of sculptures, water and light creating a unique construction staged at the very center of financial district in Mumbai.

3. Marine Drive is one of those places to visit in India that stays with you for a long time. This scenic drive also leads to some of the most interesting places to visit in Mumbai, including Taraporewala Aquarium, Temples and Mosques.

4. Without visiting Chor Bazar you can never understand the true flavors of Mumbai. Even if you are not looking to buy anything, come to explore the Muslim part of Mumbai that seems to have frozen in time since it displays a drastic difference to cosmopolitan ways of the City. Anything could be found here starting with jewelry, textile goods, china, leather good and even car parts.

5. Chowpatty Beach is so much more than lounging in the sun but experiencing the wild side of living in Mumbai. Here you can see amazing spectacles of street performers, contortionists, fortune tellers, gamblers and many more questionable characters.

6. Haji Ali Mosque is a beautiful Muslim creation dedicated to the Saint Haji Ali that looks like it emerged from one of oriental fairy tales. Just like any India’s attractions, Haji Ali Mosque gathers lots of local beggars, it’s important to exercise caution and not fall into one of many money extorting traps.

7. Elephanta Caves are among places to visit in Mumbai that never cease to amaze visitors coming to witness these spectacular rock carved temples. It’s amazing how could they have survived so many centuries of attacks and vandalism and still remain one of the most interesting attractions in Mumbai.

8. Raja Bai Clock Tower has a very good story behind it and its construction was funded exclusively by the founder of Bombay’s Stock exchange. His mother was blind and in order for her to know that it was dinner time, the Raja Bai Tower bells announced that time for her. Unfortunately, the inside of the tower is no longer accessible for tours due to multiple suicide attempts throughout the years.

9. Prince of Wales Museum displays a unique collection of ancient Indian, Nepali and Tibetan art including Interesting Indus Valley artifacts.

10. Priyadarshini Park is sometimes referred as an oasis in a concrete dessert of Mumbai allowing its locals and visitors to take a breath of fresh air and to enjoy its beautifully landscaped surroundings.

Cosmopolitan Mumbai is one of the best honeymoon places in India for those who would like to explore India at its best.

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