Top 10 Places To Visit in Ohio

Places To Visit in OhioOhio does not regularly get on travelers’ radar or make the top rated lists of places to visit, however, you might be in for a treat. There are plenty of unique places to visit in Ohio you might not come by anywhere else. So forget what you may have heard from subpar Ohio travel guides and let’s go explore what the Buckeye State has to offer.

From beautiful Midwestern outdoors, to incredible American Indian heritage sites, to colorful caverns and Lake Erie beaches and even Amish community homesteads, you will find plenty of places to visit in Ohio.

1. Columbus – The State’s capital and the largest city in Ohio, Columbus is a great place to visit, especially for travelers on the budget. Among Columbus Ohio attractions you will not find the glitz and glamour of major tourist destinations but you could be sure to find some good solid family fun. Home to one of the largest Universities in America, the University of Ohio, the city has always put a big emphasis on education, science and history. COSI Museum is popular among kids arousing the desire to learn about science through hands on interactive displays. Ohio Historic Center is a great museum to learn about early inhabitants of the Ohio lands, Hopewell Indians. Kids also love dressing up in historic costumes.

2. Cleveland – Shaking off the image of exclusive industrial town, Cleveland has made gigantic strides of putting itself on the travel map of the US. Some travel critics consider Cleveland to be a Phoenix coming from the ashes of its polluted city past. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the number one among Cleveland tourist attractions offering visitors educational “trips” into the history of Rock’n’Roll celebrities, showcasing interesting pieces of clothing, musical instruments and memorabilia. The building sits facing gorgeous views of Lake Erie. Cleveland Museum of Art is fun to explore by both adults and kids alike; give your youngsters an assignment to spot certain objects on paintings by European, North American and Asian artists of different time periods. Great Lakes Science Center and Health Space Cleveland will appeal to science buffs in the family putting major global problems in the spotlight through interactive exhibits.

3. Cincinnati – Lying on the Northern banks of Ohio River, this rapid growing metropolis is a melting pot of European, North and South American cultures. Locals take their sports very seriously, so you are sure to catch a very great baseball, football or basketball games here. Cincinnati has a very well developed park infrastructure and boasts over 100 parks with some of the most regarded being Sawyer Point, Washington, Adult and Eden Parks providing picturesque views of the city, biking and jogging trails. Historical Over the Rhine Neighborhood is one of the biggest ethical neighborhoods in the US, looking like a perfectly preserved 19th century German town. Here you will find old German style markets, performing arts and art schools. Among other important Cincinnati attractions you will find Cincinnati Museum Center, Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

4. Toledo – Located at the Northwest portion of the Buckeye State, Toledo is a very busy port town located on the Maumee River touching the edge of Lake Erie. Toledo is wide known across the country for its diverse architecture, the birthplace of Libby Glass Company and some wonderful museums. The Old West End is perhaps the most popular attraction presenting a historical district lined up with Victorian houses, top notch Toledo Museum of Art founded by the Libbey glassmakers’ family. Do not miss striding along the glass pavilion showcasing solid glass walls architecture at its best. Toledo Zoo easily stands out among city’s top landmarks due to its age (founded in 1900) and a population of interesting animal species. The Zoo was one of the first in North America to move animals from mere cages to grounds that most resemble their natural habitat.

5. Cuyahoga Valley National Park – One and only National Park in Ohio is definitely worth your visit. The Park is home to the “Crooked River” named by Mohawk tribes due to its steep passages, winding valleys and landscapes. Diverse landscapes, rich flora and fauna are not the only attractions drawing many Ohio visitors, cultural heritage of Mohawk Nation and early settles is what makes this National Park so unique above all. Ski in winter, hike in the summer and spring, set on Cuyahoga River cruises and so much more.

6. Lake Erie Islands – Nicknamed the “Key West of the North”, the islands are resort destinations known for their beaches, natural beauty that are accessible exclusively via ferry way. There’s no shortage of outdoor activities you can set on including beach going, fishing, sailing and camping. The islands are home to several state parks and wineries where you can sample Ohio’s own wine.

7. Ohio Caverns – One of the well known places to visit in Ohio located on 35 acres of the countryside. No matter if you come here during chilly Ohio winters of humid summers, no worries, the Caverns naturally maintain a steady in the 50’s temperature all year round. Take an interesting Limestone tour to learn about the physics and chemistry that go in the making of world’s most colorful stalactites, take some pictures because these limestone formations are in an ever changing state. For those visitors with children, it’s well worth trying a mining for gemstones activity for a chance to find an emerald in the rough.

8. Hopewell Culture National Historical Park – This site is dedicated to the cultural heritage of Hopewell Nation inhabiting this area during pre-Columbian times. The Park bears magnificent remnants of burial sites and sacred geometric enclosures created by American Indians.

9. Warren County – Located in Southwest Ohio, Warren County is one of the fun places to visit in Ohio. From best Ohio amusement parks like the Kings Island, to top rated water parks in Ohio such as the Beach Waterpark, to blood freezing skydiving adventures, you will not be bored for a minute. Warren County has its great deal of museums showcasing a replica of a small aircraft at the Wright B Flyer Museum, memorabilia at the First Black School museum and heritage of American Indians at Fort Ancient State Memorial.

10. Holmes County – If you have always been fascinated by the Amish culture, Holmes County has the highest in the world population of Amish people. These peaceful and simple people deny all of the comforts of modern life and prefer the older, simpler way. They dress in simple attire, ride horse drawn buggies and eat clean home grown foods. Do not miss your chance to shop for Amish made goods ranging from furniture to fresh produce, cheeses and eggs.