Top 10 Places To Visit in Oregon

Oregon located in the Pacific Northwest is a state you cannot describe in one sentence, its incredibly diversity and a mixture of coastline, lush forests, dry deserts and mountains are what keeps visitors coming year after year. If you are just not sure how to plan your next Oregon escape, check out our list of the best places to visit in Oregon.

1. Portland, OR – The city packs a wide range of attractions appealing to many visitors, including its green parks, gorgeous cityscapes at the backdrop of Mount Hood and State’s best outdoor adventures, making it one of the most family friendly places to visit in Oregon. Museum of Contemporary Craft and Portland Art Museum are perhaps some of the most well known Portland Oregon attractions among art connoisseurs. Nature lovers will delight at the sight of Rhododendron Gardens, the Grotto Gardens boasting peaceful seclusion areas set in the midst of diverse flora and ponds. In addition, here you can enjoy a selection of breweries and pretty nice nightlife and music scene establishments.

2. Mount Hood – It’s rated among the top places to visit in Oregon any time of the year. An hour ride east of Portland will take you to State’s tallest mountain that is also a dormant volcano. This area gets especially busy at winter time with its top notch ski runs that could be attempted day and night. Summer visitors will not fall short on activities either, trout fishing, mountain climbing and hiking are believed to be some of the best in the country.

3. Crater Lake National Park – The one and only National Park in the State of Oregon is centered around volcano shaped lake set at the backdrop of Mount Mazama. Winters at the Crater Lake NP are very long and the first snow is often seen at the end of September. During short summers, come here to enjoy the serenity that only a volcano lake can offer and take in all the surrounding beauty and lush flora. In winter, you can take snowshoe adventures, cross country ski and snowmobile, making it the one of the best places to visit in Oregon during colder weather.

4. Columbia River Gorge – If you had enough time to visit just one place in Oregon, this would be it! Truly amazing, contrast landscapes ranging between desert, subtropical forest and meadows. Named the National Scenic area, it offers an endless array of activities and sights. However, visiting Multnomah Waterfall, Horse Tail Falls and the Maryhill Museum and Winery tops the list. Abundance of hiking trails, fishing spots and even windsurfing make this a great family spot. Did you know that Columbia River Gorge is included as one of the itinerary stops in cruises traveling along Snake and Columbia Rivers? Average Columbia River cruises take approximately 6 days allowing you to experience the beauty of both Oregon and Washington States.

5. Painted Hills – They are precisely that, painted on the gorgeous Oregon canvas. This area draws a ton of artists for inspiration and curious visitors to take in incredible surrounding beauty. Painted Hills are also part of John Day Fossil Beds National monuments containing a wealth of paleontological knowledge.

6. Willamette Valley – Located in the heart of Oregon’s Wine Country and around the Willamette River, the Valley is not only the finest of places to visit in Oregon, it’s a destination in itself. Wine tasting is turned into an experience at a number of local family owned wineries serving up State’s best Pinot Noir. Valley’s fertile soils lend to growing over 100 crops along with gorgeous flora species that you can witness at Hendricks Park Rhododendron Garden.

7. Tilamook – You have probably seen this name in the dairy section of your local grocery store. If you come to Tilamook Cheese Visitor center you can witness with your own eyes how Oregon’s delicacy is manufactured, and best of all, taste it. Tilamook Air Museum is an impressive place to visit showcasing over 30 battle aircrafts that each has quite a history.

Cannon Beach, Oregon8. Cannon Beach – This tiny city of only 1600 residents lends a plethora of activities and attractions for you to enjoy. Nine long miles of gorgeous beaches allow visitors to partake in fishing, boating and kayaking adventures. The central beach attraction is the giant Haystack Rock. The city itself flaunts its artsy side offering guests a number of interesting museums and galleries and hosts various art and music events.

9. Sea Lion Caves – The largest and most unique system of sea caves in the world inhabited by wild sea lions, birds and various marine species could be quite interesting to explore by booking guided tours. Summer and spring are the best times to spot sea lions as they are not always present inside the grotto and may come and go as they wish.

10. Coastal Oregon – Oregon’s geographical location is truly spectacular as its coastal area stretches over 350 miles along the Pacific Ocean. The coastal regions are distinctly diverse from north to south. And all this is free for you to explore. There are a number of State Parks, hiking trails, scenic viewpoints and more to discover.