Top 10 Places To Visit in Peru

Places to Visit in PeruWondering which places to visit in Peru, read on to see our exclusive travel selections.

1. Machu Picchu is perhaps among the most important places to visit in Peru. Here you can set on many outdoor adventures like hiking the Inca Trail by choosing multiple routes to match your fitness levels and interests. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is an amazing experience that should not be missed and will take you through several drastically different ecosystems, terrains and environments and allow you to see sacred Inca’s ruins. Machu Picchu vacation packages could be precisely tailored to include specific activities you like.

2. Lake Titicaca is one of sure places to visit in Peru due to its incredible beauty. Crystal blue waters of the Lake Titicaca are believed to be the place where many Inca’s Gods were born. The recent discovery of the underwater Temple ruins adds to the incredible interest of this place to visitors in Peru.

3. Visit Nazca lines, located in the desert presenting a row of massive drawings on the ground with a scientific name of geoglyphs. The drawings are made by scratching off ground surface creating monkey, hummingbird, spider and various geometrical shapes. Scientists are still unable to tell the purpose of these mysterious drawings.

4. Arequipa and the Colca Canyon is a paradise for genuine outdoor junkies, not only you can explore multiple Peru treks but to set on other exciting activities like rock climbing, water rafting and even explore dinosaur tracks.

5. Huaraz presents limitless adventure opportunities and the most extreme places to visit in Peru. Head here for non-stop mountain biking, back packing, rafting, kayaking and even bird watching.

6. Pacaya Samiriya National Reserve is a place of pure fun for travelers of all ages. You will definitely need a few days to experience the park at its fullest and see some of its rare species of monkeys, reptiles, birds and vegetation.

7. The Inca Salt Pans are surprisingly not among the most popular places to visit in Peru but nonetheless interesting. Established all the way back during Inca civilization times, Inca Salt Pans are still used today by local citizens for getting salt utilizing rather rudimentary methods of scraping and hauling. You can buy salt sacks right at the attraction sight.

8. Plaza de Armas in Lima is situated in the heart of the capital. It’s richly decorated by beautiful landscapes, sculptures, fountains and is one of serious tourist meccas in Peru.

9. Lima’s Government Palace is an incredible attraction due to its architectural splendor and historical significance. Take a tour around this spectacular Palace to marvel at incredible wood carvings, ornate interior décor, paintings, furniture and statues.

10. Gold of Peru Museum presents some of the rarest and most exquisite examples of pre-Columbian Gold, ceramics, textiles and many more.