Top 10 Places To Visit in Switzerland – A Must-See List!

Places To Visit in SwitzerlandSwitzerland is a place of outstanding natural beauty; the Alps, the alpine meadows, the quaint villages and all of the amazing places to visit in Switzerland combine for a unique vacation experience. Whether you are visiting for business or you are looking for a holiday where you can take in Swiss hiking tours or phenomenal skiing opportunities, this is the place to be, winter and summer alike. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Switzerland that you won’t want to miss!

1. There are many things to do in German Switzerland, in Bern for example, you won’t want to miss the Clock Tower, the astronomical marvel that dates from the 16th century but still keeps people enthralled with its hourly shows.

2. While in Bern check out Old Town, a World Heritage Site famous for its history and culture that dates back to medieval times.

3. In Zurich nothing beats the number of exquisite museums ranging from the Swiss National Museum with its vast collection, Kunsthaus art museum boasting jaw dropping works of art, historical and religions sites such as the Great Church and Church of Our Lady.

4. Gurten is home to one of the many funicular railways in the country of Switzerland. Take two such trains to the observation deck and check out the sweeping views.

5. Lake Lucerne Switzerland is located in the lovely town of Lucerne, and is a peaceful and quiet place to hike, take a ferry ride and look at the lovely Alps as they rise majestically into the sky.

6. While in Lucerne, you won’t want to miss the Dying Lion of Lucerne carving, one of the must-do places to visit in Switzerland. He was commissioned to commemorate the Swiss Guards who lost their lives in 1792 and is a magnificent sight to behold.

7. Things to do in French Switzerland, Geneva to be specific include the lovely Lake Geneva and the Jet d’Eau that is the city’s most prominent landmark as it thrusts its waterspouts high into the sky.

8. Another funicular railway you won’t want to miss is a great thing to do in Italian Switzerland, as you go up Monte Bre. The pretty village of Bre, the beautiful trails and the views all make this a Swiss attraction not to miss.

9. No list of places to visit in Switzerland would be complete without the Matterhorn and the town of Zermatt. People ski, climb and hike in and around this magnificent landmark that is famous the world over.

10. Chillon Castle is an island castle on the shores of Lake Geneva which is referred to as the most visited historic structure in the country. Visitors can tour this castle and see recreated rooms, medieval murals and historic artifacts.

Places to visit in Switzerland also include numerous castles, cathedrals, old towns, new soaring skyscrapers in big cities, museums, monuments and of course the majestic Alps and all the natural spaces that make the country so diverse and so beautiful. No matter the region, you are sure to find many activities and places to visit to make your trip a memorable one for years to come.