Top 10 Places To Visit in Washington State

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State is a destination of diverse landscapes, ecosystems and sights. Spectacular Cascade Range slices Washington State’s territory in two clearly different halves creating very distinct places in visit in Washington State. While in the west visitors will see spectacular Pacific coastline generously offset by lush forests, in the east fertile Columbia River Plateau lends to growing bountiful fruit orchards, vineyards, fragrant pine forests and arid desert regions.

If you would like to find out which places to visit in Washington State we recommend, please continue reading.

1. Seattle – This always rainy city is drowning in rain downpours and lush evergreen forests set at the backdrop of gorgeous Cascade Mountains. Almost all visitors start their explorations with paying a visit to the iconic Space Needle attraction that is best viewed on a clear day. According to well known Space Needle facts, the skyscraper was constructed to awe inspire visitors of 1962 World Fair. Today visitors love to take an elevator to the observation deck or grab a bite at the revolving restaurant on top. Among other Seattle tourist attractions do not miss the waterfront Pike Place market to watch “fish fly”, sample artisan dishes, admire bohemian crowds and contemporary art galleries.

2. Olympic National Park – Almost always rated among with the best places to visit in Washington State, Olympic National Park never ceases to amaze its visitors. No matter if you desire to inhale fresh crisp glacier lakes air, take a dip in the salty Pacific waters or take a hike along isolated wilderness, all these pleasures could be experienced on the Olympic Peninsula. Walking along Hall of Moss Trail to see unique flora, visiting multiple beaches and backpacking are some of the main highlights of the park. According to Olympic National Park facts, the park is home to 16 unique to its ecosystem species of animals.

3. Mountain Rainier National Park – This spectacular National Park sprawling across 370 sq miles is home to majestic Mount Rainier, which presents itself with one of the tallest active volcanic cones rising 14,000 feet into the sky. One of the oldest National Park’s in the country, it boasts several unique ecosystems with relict flora and diverse fauna. If you are an avid mountain climber, hiker or simply an outdoor enthusiast, the Park has an endless list of opportunities to explore Washington State’s nature. The Park is best explored on clear days when awe-inspiring sights of the Mountain, glaciers and meadows are all in clear sights.

Snoqualmie Falls4. Snoqualmie Falls – Featured on the cult TV show, these iconic waterfalls open nearly idyllic views of water cascading from a 270 ft tall cliff. The continuously rising mist was believed by ancient civilizations to connect Haven with the Earth. The best way to view its powerful course is getting to the observation area. A nearby gorgeous meadow serves as grounds for visitors’ picnics and wedding ceremonies; and surrounding hiking trails are a thrill for outdoor lovers.

5. Mt. St Helen’s National Volcanic Monument – The site of an active volcano that last erupted back in 1980 is an attraction worth visiting and surveying the remains of massive destructive forces that erased over 1300 feet of snow capped mountain top. Visitors Center offers incredible telescopic views of the volcano along with exhibits and movies featuring information about this curious attraction.

6. Tacoma – This second largest city in the state is known for its incredible ballet and artistic venues. Tacoma also features a great deal of lovely museums, including impressive Tacoma Glass Museum showcasing original contemporary artistic creations of glass. Do not miss the 500 ft long bridge that boasts incredible outdoor displays.

7. Columbia River Gorge – Simply a must on the list of places to visit in Washington State presenting a massive in size and gorgeous in landscapes River Canyon that was forever etched in the history of the State by once serving a gateway to the Pacific Ocean for historical Clark and Lewis Expedition in the 19th century. Several centuries later, it is your gateway to Washington State’s best outdoor playground featuring magnificent hiking trails, water sports adventures and some of the best in the Pacific Northwest waterfalls and vineyards.

8. San Juan Islands – Tucked away in between northwest US territories and Vancouver, Canada, San Juan Islands are accessible only by waterway and small planes. Getting there is a whole adventure in itself since you will have to take a scenic ferry tour and perhaps catch a glimpse of orcas if you are lucky. Considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Washington State, these isles open bountiful sea kayaking opportunities and are also loved by whale watchers.

9. Lake Chelan – This glacier shaped lake stretches 55 miles long and is surrounded by lush orchards, sandy beaches and lakefront properties. Its untouched beauty and unique microclimate is conducive to growing delicious grapes that go into making Washington State’s own wines. From wine tasting, to delicious cuisine, to boating, hiking and biking, Lake Chelan Recreational Area is a sheer pleasure to explore.

10. Long Beach Peninsula – Named the longest beach in the USA, Long Beach Peninsula extends its arm into the Pacific Ocean on the western coast of the State. Everything here is centered on water activities, oyster farming, cranberry growing and fishing. The Peninsula hosts a series of International events like Kite Festival and Sandcastle Building Competitions, to name just a few of them.