Top 10 Places To Visit on Rhine River Cruises

Rhine River CruisesRhine river is one of the largest rivers in Western Europe. So many great cities, medieval castles and historical places located on its banks. No wonder that a lot of European river cruise companies are spending time to create sophisticated itineraries to see the best while navigating Rhine river. Here we tried to compile a list of top 10 places that you can see while cruising the Rhine in Germany.

Dusseldorf1. Dusseldorf – Rhine River cruises can include the city of Dusseldorf, which has many attractions. If you are looking for a bustling metropolis in the heart of Europe that is alive with history and culture, Dusseldorf is the place for you. While visiting Dusseldorf, there are many things that you will find fun and interesting. You do not want to miss visiting the Goethe Museum in Dusseldorf as well as the Memorial of the Victims of the Nazi Regime. As well as the historical places of interest, there are many things for the outdoors enthusiast. You can relax on the beach as well as take one of the many hiking paths, visit the cafés directly on the Rhine. Tour the castles and museums in the area, and enjoy the exciting culture and shopping as well as the fabulous food and beautiful scenery.

Cologne2. Cologne – Cologne is Germany’s oldest city and is right on the Rhine River. While visiting Cologne, you can check out any one of their many world famous museums. Some of these museums are the Ludwig Museum, the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum as well as the Kolumba Diocesan Museum. There are also twelve Romanic Churches that are a sight to see. You may also choose to participate in some of the guided tours or the boat trips or the theatre. After a long day of sightseeing, you can take a break at one of their many wonderful restaurants. One of the biggest attractions in Germany is the Cologne Cathedral, and a cruise down the Rhine River is the perfect way to get to this city to see the cathedral while enjoying the trip itself.

Koblenz3. Koblenz – While planning one of the many Rhine River Cruises, you want to make sure one of the stops is Koblenz. This two thousand year old town is known as Germany’s most beautiful corner because it’s located at the intersection of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. It is set at the famous Deutsches Eck which means the German corner. There are many things to do that are available to guests of this magnificent city. You can visit the Basilica of St. Kastor or the museums such as the Rhine Museum. You may also stroll through the river promenades where they strive to make visitors feel right at home.

Boppard4. Boppard – Boppard is a popular place to visit on many European river cruises. This town is located on the Rhine in the Valley of the Loreley. This city was once a Roman fort and is about seventy five square miles which is half taken up by the forest. While visiting Boppard, you will find many fun activities to partake in. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will enjoy the wealth of nature and culture on the many walking and hiking routes. You can also visit the castles, churches and monasteries as you learn more of their history and culture.

Rudesheim5. Rudesheim – Rhine River cruises will typically include Rudesheim, one of the top locations along the river. This area is wine making country, and offers many culinary delights and exquisite wines for visitors to try as well as scenic beauty that is unbelievable. You will be amazed at the many fun and interesting things to do in Rudesheim. If you are an outdoors enthusiast, you can enjoy biking or swimming in one of the outdoor heated baths. If you are a wine lover, you can enjoy visits to the vineyards or winery taverns where you can partake in wine or sparkling wine tasting. After a long day of sightseeing, you can also visit the many local restaurants, cafés or pubs.

Mainz6. Mainz – A river cruise to travel Germany and experience everything offered should include a stop at Mainz. This is where the Rhine River and the River Main separate, and the area offers many attractions and plenty of natural beauty and friendly people. If you are looking for a place to go that is alive with beauty, culture and history, Mainz is the place for you. You will have a choice of many places to see and things to do. If you enjoy the outdoors, you can take one of their many walking or cycling tours. Many of the walking tours will lead you to sites of the historical monuments as well as many other places of interest. You may also want to tour some of their more than a dozen museums such as the Landes Museum which is one of the oldest in Germany. You may also visit the Museum of Natural History with their many exhibits or even the Museum of Ancient Sea Travel.

Heidelberg7. Heidelberg – Typical Rhine River cruises will include the city of Heidelberg, because it is one of the top 10 cities along the Rhine. This is the oldest university town out of any place in Germany, and it has a very historic charm and beauty. Located on the majestic Rhine River, Heidelberg plays a host to seventy to one hundred cultural events taking place yearly. You can see exhibitions, world music, visual arts and dance theatre. Among other things you may want to do are guided tours of the area as well as swimming in one of the many public swimming pools. After a busy day of sightseeing, you can stop and relax at one of the many restaurants, coffee bars, the beer gardens or local clubs.

Braubach8. Braubach – Braubach offers one of the castles in Germany that is still intact along the Rhine, Marksburg Castle. This is the only castle in the area not touched by time. It has never been destroyed by weather, war or nature. It dates back to the twelfth century and has been owned by six noble families through the years. This beautiful castle is like stepping back into the middle ages. This remarkable castle sits high on a cliff and is not easily accessible, but worth the trip. While in Braubach you may also want to visit some of the vineyard guesthouses or the wine taverns.

Mannheim9. Mannheim – City planning has made Mannheim a great place to stop during a cruise along the Rhine, and this city is known as one of the best planned cities in the country. There are many popular attractions here, including the largest German baroque palace and an exquisite water tower famous for the beauty of the structure, and they are easy to locate thanks to the city layout. You will want to visit the Electoral Palace and Palace Chapel as well as the Jesuit Church. There is also the Water Tower which is a famous landmark located on the highest point in Mannheim. Mannheim is also considered one of Europe’s finest art nouveau architectural ensembles. There are also museums and theatres to visit. After a long day of touring this beautiful city, you can stop at a restaurant or club and relax.

Bonn10. Bonn – Bonn is the former capital of Western Germany and the city is one of the top ten places to see during Rhine River cruises. Best known as the birthplace of Beethoven, you will see many monuments as well as music events dedicated to this “son of Bonn”. In addition to its popularity as Beethoven’s birthplace, you can visit the theatre or any of the art museums. You will see art and music come alive in the magnificent city. After a long day of touring Bonn, you can find a café or restaurant in which to relax and enjoy some wonderful traditional German fare.