Top 10 Playa Del Carmen Activities

Playa Del Carmen Activities1. Swim – One of the most popular Playa del Carmen activities is swimming, because of the inviting temperature of the water. Turquoise and crystal clear, many visitors cannot resist a dip in the tropical waters off Playa del Carmen.

2. Sunbathe – Stay at one of the Playa del Carmen luxury hotels, and spend some time laying out in the sun. The fabulous weather and tropical scenery make lounging in this vacation destination a pleasure.

3. Visit the Mayan pyramids – There are many pyramids built by the ancient Maya located close to Playa del Carmen. A short trip and you can be exploring ancient structures hundreds or even thousands of years old. The Mayan pyramids may have different significance, because some were used for ceremonies while others were the place of sacrifices.

4. Go Caving – Playa del Carmen activities include caving, because of the unique geography of the region. There are many caves, with exquisite formations and unique settings, situated very close to the city.

5. Explore The Tropical Landscape – Mayan tours and jungle expeditions can help you see everything that the surrounding area has to offer. Whether you want to see ruins or interesting wildlife and plant species this can be arranged from Playa del Carmen.

6. Shop Until You Drop – One of the favorite Playa del Carmen activities for many tourists is shopping. There are many shops and boutiques which offer great merchandise at low prices, whether you are looking for discount souvenirs or high end designers.

7. Chichen Itza Tours – Tours of the Chichen Itza ruins are a big attraction, and these ruins draw in many thousands of visitors each year. There are a number of world famous structures in the ruins.

8. Relax and Be Pampered – You can choose to stay at a Playa del Carmen all inclusive resort, like the Grand Coco Bay, and let yourself be pampered in the tropical setting. Spas, fine dining, and other amenities ensure an unforgettable vacation.

9. Snorkel and Scuba Dive – Scuba diving and snorkeling are common Playa del Carmen activities, because of the abundance of tropical fish and marine life in the area. The underwater world is just as exciting as the one on land for many visitors.

10. Take a Day Trip – Playa del Carmen activities include day trips to neighboring areas, and one of these is Cozumel. There are numerous attractions close enough for a day trip, and you can be back at your home base that evening.