Top 10 Prague Tours Not to Be Missed

Prague Tours1. Prague Castle Tour – A tour of the Prague Castle can include the royal chambers at times, but the cost can be expensive unless it is the one day a year that the public is allowed in this area, and then the lines are long. The castle complex includes a number of interesting sights and structures.

2. St. Vitus Cathedral Tour – Considered the most important cathedral in the city of Prague, this is one of the most popular Prague tours for many visitors. It is situated in the Hradcany palace complex of the Prague Castle, and has many architectural features such as gargoyles and stained glass windows and stunning views.

3. Tour of Charles Bridge Prague – Charles Bridge plays an important role in Prague, because it is the bridge that connects the old town with the new town. Built in 1357, this stone bridge is a big attraction and the site of many tours.

Old Town Square in Prague4. Old Town Square in Prague Tour – Prague tours can cover many sites, but the one centered on Old Town Square offers a glimpse of the rich history and fascinating culture of the population and city. The origins of the Old Town Square in Prague began in the 12th century. Horse drawn carriages and exquisite architecture are just two of the main attractions here. You will be in awe of the ancient buildings and churches. The Old Town Square started as the central market place in Prague. Among the most notable sites is the Church of our Lady Before Tyn as well as the Old Town Hall Tower and Astronomical Clock and the St. Nicholas Church. When you are done with your tour of the square, you can sit and relax in any of the many cafes around the square.

Prague Astronomical Clock5. Prague Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square Tour – Prague tours that are in high demand include the Astronomical Clock on Old Town Square. The Prague Astronomical Clock was constructed around 1410. Many of the original mechanisms in the clock still function today. About eighty years after the construction Master Hanus was commissioned to rebuild the clock. It’s said that he was blindfolded so that he would be unable to build another clock like it. It’s also said that before he died, he intentionally damaged the clock so that no one would be able to fix it. He also cursed the clock so that anyone who attempted to fix it would either die or go crazy. There are many pieces on the face of the clock that could be considered artwork. Ironically, you can read everything on the face of the clock except the time. It’s definitely worth checking out. Most likely, during one of your Prague tours, you will visit the clock.

Prague Jewish Quarter Museum6. Prague Jewish Quarter Museum and Old New Synagogue Tour – This attraction is a popular choice for many Prague tours, because of the numerous synagogues and museums here. The area includes many historic synagogues, all of which have been turned into museum attractions. When on one of your Prague tours, you will not want to miss the Prague Jewish Quarter Museum. This is the most frequented museum in the Czech Republic. If you are interested in the Jewish religion and history, you won’t want to miss this. The museum offers tours regularly where you can learn of the life and traditions of the Jewish people. You will tour the Synagogues as well as the different exhibitions on display. Among these exhibitions you will see the different religious ritual objects that may have been used. Old New SynagogueThe construction of the Old New Synagogue was completed in 1270. The Synagogue was one of the first of Prague’s first gothic buildings. This was originally called the New or Great Shul. When you’re with your Prague tours, you will no doubt visit the Old New Synagogue. The legend says that angels brought the stones from King Solomon’s Temple to build the Synagogue. It’s said that these angels still protect the Synagogue today. This is still an active center of worship. You will be amazed at the history and architecture of the Synagogue.

Lobkowicz Palace7. Lobkowicz Palace Tour – Many Prague travel packages include a tour of the Lobkowicz Palace, which was once the residence of royalty. Titles are no longer allowed in the country, but this tour allows visitors to listen to historical stories from Mr. Lobkowicz which explain some of the pieces seen on the tour. The Lobkowicz Palace is the only privately owned building within the castle complex in Prague. While with any of the Prague tours you’re bound to visit the palace. The palace is home to the Lobkowicz Palace Museum as well as the Lobkowicz Palace Cafe. The museum offers visitors a chance to explore the history and culture through their extensive collections. There are many exhibits for you to enjoy. Among the exhibits, you will see a display of family and royal portraits, beautiful porcelain as well as ceramics and military and sporting rifles. This is a wonderful place to learn and understand about the culture of the Czech Republic.

8. Wenceslas Square Tour – The area that includes Wenceslas Square is lined with fascinating architecture and historic buildings and landmarks. While not quite square, it is a center for New Town Prague and is the frequent site of demonstrations and gatherings.

Dancing House in Prague9. The Dancing Building Tour – Prague tours in the top 10 would have to include the Dancing House in Prague, a uniquely curved structure that is optimally functional while simulating movement when seen. It is an architectural wonder and attracts many viewers because of the appearance. The Dancing House is located alongside the Vltava River. You will be amazed by this strange looking building. The Dancing House is in direct contrast to the other historical buildings that surround it. It’s said that when you look at this magnificent piece of art, you will see a couple holding hands while swaying to the music. Therefore it’s the house that dances. The house is actually just used as an office building but there is a French restaurant on the roof. If you choose to visit this restaurant you will have an amazing view of the Vltava River as well as the Prague Castle Panorama.

Loreta Prague10. A Tour of Loreta Prague – When deciding on different Prague tours to attend, you will want to make sure that your tour includes a visit to the Loreta Prague. This is a beautiful historic and artistic monument that consists of a cloister, the Church of the Lords Birth, a holy hut as well as the clock tower. Cloisters and chapels make up most of the area that the tour covers, and Loreta is considered a pilgrimage location for some. The Loreta Prague is open year round, and there are religious services every Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested in the religious aspects as well as the historical and cultural of Prague, Czech Republic, you will not want to miss this. You will be enthralled by the architecture of the building alone. It is conveniently located to both the Corinthia Hotel Prague and the Hotel Yasmin, as well as a number of other lodging establishments.