Top 10 Reasons To Bike Golden Gate Bridge While Visiting San Francisco

Bike Golden Gate BridgeThe Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is an iconic American structure that is visited by millions of Americans each year. The bridge is often seen on television and movies and is recognized throughout the world. One of the most unique ways to visit this breathtaking landmark up close is to bike across it. Here are the top 10 reasons to bike the Golden Gate Bridge.

1. Get an up close view of the bridge – Many people bike Golden Gate Bridge to enjoy an up close and personal view of it. Bike tours run daily.

2. Fort Mason – Not only will you bike the Golden Gate Bridge you can visit Fort Mason, which offers beautiful views of Alcatraz and the marina.

3. Benefit from the expertise of professional tour guides – As you bike the Golden Gate Bridge the professional tour guides are excellent resources and offer interesting facts about the bridge, Alcatraz, and the surrounding sites. They can also recommend other places to visit on your trip.

4. Fort Point – Also part of the Golden Gate Bridge tour is a stop by Fort Point where you can enjoy the views and watch the surfers ride the waves.

5. Ride the ferry back after your ride – You can bike the Golden Gate Bridge one way and return by ferry. You’ll be able to enjoy a nice meal and relax after your ride.

6. Sausalito – You’ll be able to visit Sausalito and its eclectic shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

7. Ride the electric bikes – Many tours offer fun electric bikes that make the ride fun and exciting for people of all ages.

8. Palace of Fine Arts – Another landmark you’ll visit is the Palace of Fine Arts.

9. Presidio National Park – Enjoy the views of this beautiful park.

10. Photo Opportunities – The tour features some of the best photo ops in the entire country.