Top 10 Reasons To Choose English Channel Ferries

English Channel FerriesTraveling through the English Channel by ferry can be a great experience and more and more tourists or locals are opting for the ferry as a means of travel. Below are the top 10 reasons to choose English Channel ferries for your journey.

1. Cost effective – English Channel ferry crossing can be cheap and low in expense compared to other means of travel. Air fare and train tickets can be higher than ferry travel.

2. Eco-friendly – Many travelers are selecting English Channel ferries over planes and trains because of the effect on the environment. For a more eco-friendly means of travel, a ferry far outweighs in benefits than any other form of transportation.

3. Less Connections – With little to no connections aboard the ferry, travelers are choosing English Channel ferries over air travel. Ferry travel is more convenient when on a non-stop route.

4. Spectacular Scenery – Similar to the ferries from Fishguard to Rosslare, there is scenery that could be missed if flying or even traveling by train or automobile. The ferries provide a view from the water like no other means of travel.

5. No Luggage Restrictions – On a flight travelers are restricted to what they can bring, with ferry travel however, you can take as much luggage as you want.

6. Take Your Pets – Pets do not have to be left behind while taking one of the English Channel ferries.

7. No Overcrowding – Unlike air travel, guests will never be cramped next to a perfect stranger. You will even have room and space to walk around.

8. No Hidden Costs – English Channel ferries offer a flat rate and set price with no unforeseen costs.

9. Keep Kids Happy – Most ferries that run through the English Channel offer play areas for the kids. Safe and entertaining areas keep the kids happy.

10. Take Your Entire Family – Ferry travel is for everyone and your vacation doesn’t have to break your wallet by taking the kids.