Top 10 Reasons To Go on St Lucia Honeymoon

St Lucia Honeymoon1. A Number of All Inclusive Resorts – St Lucia all inclusive packages are a great way to honeymoon on a budget, without missing out on anything. There are many of these resorts and packages to choose from on St. Lucia.

2. Romantic Sunsets – Romantic sunrises and sunsets are one of the top reasons to take a St Lucia honeymoon. The vibrant colors and raw beauty of these events are amazing.

3. Moonlit Walks Along The Beach – A walk along the beach in the moonlight can be one of the most romantic things to do in St Lucia. This is a popular activity with honeymooners and couples in love.

4. Rainforest Hikes – A hike through the rainforest can make any St Lucia honeymoon complete. The astonishing sights and animals will amaze you, and this can be a very exciting adventure together for newlyweds.

5. Delicious Food – St Lucia vacation packages can include meals, and you will find some of the best food in the world here. No matter what your preferences are you will find food that you enjoy.

6. Exotic Marine Life – A St Lucia honeymoon usually includes snorkeling or diving, to stare in wonder at the exotic marine life in the area. Vividly colored fish, whales, dolphins, sharks, and other creatures can be found when exploring these waters.

7. Pampering and Luxury – Many of the resorts on St. Lucia offer an experience never felt before. You will feel pampered and well taken care of, with your slightest wish being met with a friendly smile.

8. Watersports – Watersports often play a big role in a St Lucia honeymoon, and this is fitting because of all the beautiful water available for these sports. Some resorts include these activities for a single price, while others may charge extra.

9. The Beaches – All flights to St Lucia pass over beach areas, and these beaches are a big attraction to visitors to the Caribbean, and St. Lucia in particular. The soft fine sand and pristine beauty make the beaches very enjoyable to relax on.

10. The People – One reason a St Lucia honeymoon is so popular is because of how friendly the people in St. Lucia are. Guests are made to feel welcome, and every attempt is made to give you the perfect vacation experience.