Top 10 Reasons To Visit Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Great Zimbabwe Ruins
If your destination is Zimbabwe Africa, rest assured that you will arrive with a full itinerary and plenty to do. Zimbabwe is becoming one of the most popular areas in Africa to explore. Housing some of the great Zimbabwe ruins and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls, this area is boasting with attractions. Below are the top 10 reasons to visit Great Zimbabwe ruins.

1. Status of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of the oldest and most significant archaeological sites in Africa. The site presents a collection of stonework ruins that were built without the use of mortar and were able to withstand the wear of several centuries.

2. Fascinating culture and history – The ruins are believed to be the settlement of long lost Shona civilization that had been involved in trading gold, ivory, copper and cattle from the 10th through the 16th centuries. Upon the analysis of various artifacts founds on its territory, scientists confirmed that Shona people traded with other civilizations arriving from China, Persia and other parts of Africa.

3. Incredible Must See Features – The ruins are presented by three distinct architectural formations. The Hills Complex was believed to house Zimbabwe Bird carved statue, the symbol of modern Zimbabwe, and intended as a Temple. The Great Enclosure is a series of tall walls and an impressive 18 ft high Tower probably used by the King and his court. The Valley Complex is showcased in a collection of ruins which were believed to be used by the citizens.

4. Status of the National Monument – One of the reasons to see this iconic Zimbabwe attraction is because if its National Monument Status. Zimbabweans are very proud of their history and welcome guests to share this experience.

5. Well Organized Guided Tours – Since it’s a World Heritage Site, all touring must be done with professional tour guides trained to ensure the safety of the guests and long term preservation of the Ruins. All tours are led by onsite experts who can help you learn very unique facts about Great Zimbabwe Ruins you will not learn anywhere else. Most tours last approximately 2-3 hours to showcase the focal points of the stonework spread across three main hills.

6. Adventure activities – Not only can you explore the Ruins, but along the way take part in canoeing and kayaking along the lower Zambezi. Whitewater rafting and bungee jumping can also be found at Victoria Falls. Meeting local people and peaceful walking tours are also available if you prefer more laid back activities.

7. Magnificent landscape – Zimbabwe’s landscape is lush and beautiful. The Eastern Highlands provide a nice backdrop while exploring the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and you can also try camping at various sites located just outside the Ruins area.

8. Safari Tours – A lot of safari tours in Zimbabwe make one of their stops the Great Zimbabwe Ruins where several wildlife species could be viewed along with interesting fish that can be seen in the ancient Ruins area around the lakes.

9. Visit Nearby Antelope Park – Located less than two hundred miles away is one of the best Zimbabwe tourist attractions welcoming you with overabundance of African wildlife. Antelope Park offers a wide array of activities for all tastes, including safari tours, game watching, romantic picnics, horseback-riding and so much more.

10. Tour Nearby Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve – Located 120 miles to the southeast of Great Zimbabwe Ruins visitors will find another great attraction Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. Among 400 wildlife species the Reserve boasts the Big Five, zebras, antelopes, giraffes and other unique African animals.